What exactly is UsedTeslaWorld?

We are a Tesla-specific UK marketplace in which we connect Tesla owners looking to sell their car to potential buyers. As a seller, it is the easiest way to reach as many potential buyers as possible given our monthly traffic to the site. As a buyer, on the other hand, it is the most reliable site to see as many different Teslas as possible, from all different models and price ranges.

Do I have to buy the Tesla on the website?

Absolutely not. UsedTeslaWorld will simply connect you to the seller, it is free to register and contact any buyer you want. All contracts, negotiations and payments happen exclusively between the buyer and the seller. UTW's only purpose is to connect the two parties in a more efficient manner.

What is the price for adding a used Tesla to usedteslaworld?

There are no costs or fee's associated with our service. We do not take commissions. We are simply building a tool for the Tesla community in the UK.

How do I make sure the seller/buyer is legitimate?

We highly recommend to be as careful as possible when making any sort of payment online. Do not sign, nor send, any money until you are 100% sure of the reliability of the contact. Meet in person if possible or arrange a video-chat to make sure that both parties are comfortable in proceeding to the next step.

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