Tesla’s role with the Coronavirus

April 19, 2020

It seems that the Coronavirus hasn’t left any untouched victims. Currently having reached more than 2.3 million cases and over 160K deaths, this is a situation that is clearly out of hand. 

Not only have the world governments and health organisations failed to correctly handle the situation, but they’ve put their populations at risk. 

The toll this will take on the economy is unfathomable. The number of bankrupt companies around the world has taken a sharp rise and will continue to rise the longer the pandemic lasts. 

The biggest problem is re-opening any country and having the possibilities of a re-growth in cases after people start moving and congregating again. This will cause an even more significant effect on the economy. 

The current US economy is really struggling right now and has taken a massive hit because of this pandemic. An even more significant hit has been noted in the unemployment numbers of the US. 

The last update to date has shown that 22 million Americans have lost their job because of the financial effects of the coronavirus. The rate of unemployment is nearing 18% of unemployment. 

This is a serious problem considering that the pandemic could keep the US closed for at least a few more months. Knowing this scenario president Trump is attempting to open up individual states again to try and boost the economy slightly. 

This could once again have a drastic effect on the lives of people that could be possibly getting infected over the next few months. The reality of waiting until a vaccine is tested and ready for commercial expansion is simply unfathomable for any world leader. 

Knowing the significant economic effect that the pandemic is having on their population is doubled by the potential loss of lives that could develop from freeing their economy. 

World leaders are undeniably in a quite complex situation attempting to balance their countries prosperity alongside with the health of their population. 

Elon Musk’s role in the coronavirus pandemic has been mixed. Starting off on March 6th, Elon tweeted that the “coronavirus panic is dumb”. 

This was before the US had any significant number of cases and the cruise full of Americans that were starting to test positive for the virus was becoming more commonly known. 

Elon had a similar reaction a few weeks later commenting that the biggest problem of the virus at that time was the panic that it was stirring up. The coronavirus panic left many supermarkets empty of basic necessities. 

Those who got to stores first got lucky while those who weren’t able were only increasing the panic as they weren’t able to get their hands on those coveted essentials. 

After having to shutdown the Tesla factories because of the possible risk of continual contamination, Elon offered his help to build more ventilators. 

He was in talks with the governor of NY as well as other states to build ventilators. Both Tesla and SpaceX had the equipment to easily build extra ventilators that he could provide for hospitals. 

Elon decided to re-open his giga New York factory to produce ventilators and to help the struggling hospitals. While the media loves to stir what Elon says through his uncensored twitter, Elon always shows that he is willing to help. 

He is tackling problems at a scale that very few others can, and can make an impact on anything he puts his mind to. Just another reason to buy a used Tesla and continue his incredible impact on this earth!