Tesla’s Cybertruck competitor Ford releases the new F-150

June 28, 2020

Tesla’s Cybertruck competitor Ford releases the new F-150. The Ford F-150, the RAM 1500, and the Chevy Silverado are the main pickup contesters in this space and have been for many years. Closely behind have been Nissan’s Titan and Toyota’s Tundra. 

Being 43 years best selling car, Ford released their new 14th generation F-150, marking a new age of technology in trucks, equipped with higher performance than its predecessors.

Tesla’s Cybertruck set to launch until late 2021. By this margin, it would beat Ford’s electric version of their own trucks. If Tesla does manage to beat Ford to this race they could start an entirely new category of electric pickup trucks, possibly disrupting the USA market as a whole for outdoor and leisure vehicles.

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