Tesla Supercharger network expansion in China

June 3, 2020

Big news in China for Teslas and Tesla owners alike. Given how strong the interest for Teslas in China has gotten to, Tesla has stepped up and decided to build an additional 4000 superchargers across China within the following year. 

The exorbitant growth of Tesla across the world has not be underestimated, yet the growth of Tesla in China is now grossing more than people have previously expected. 

In the past 5 years there have been 150 Chinese cities that have received around 2.5K superchargers to fuel their Teslas.  This last week the Tesla office in Shanghai announced that the needed to sustain the continued growth with an expansion of their supercharger network. 

This is also inline with the Chinese government’s decision to push for electric vehicles, and has given subsidies to its population for those that choose electric vehicles. Tesla’s decision to build a gigafactory in Shanghai has only allowed Tesla to continue its domination across the electric vehicle niche. 

Its recent deliveries of its Model 3 LR built in China will most likely be one of the most popular electric cars of the year in China. 

The new push for development of supercharger networks will clearly continue to grow and push the demand of electric cars in china and continue Tesla’s dominance of the electric car market overall. We hope to continue tracking the growth of Chinese demand for Teslas. 

We hope that the supercharger network in the UK gets quickly upgraded as well as there are a few sections in the UK that could do with a powerful supercharger network.

You can read the full take here: https://electrek.co/2020/06/03/tesla-install-4000-superchargers-china/

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