Tesla stock hits new peak at $1,794.99

July 13, 2020

Well we can’t believe that we’re writing about this again, but Tesla has just reached a new all time high in its market value. Its stock reached a new peak after growing 16% and hitting almost $1800. 

The reason for another dramatic surge of its stock? The news is mixed on this front, as there are a variety of news that keep popping up in relation to Tesla. 

One of the biggest things to talk about is that the Tesla battery day has finally been announced, and it will take place on September 22, the exact same day as the annual shareholder meeting. 

Tesla stock owners are very excited about the possible developments that could be taking place to the Tesla company in relation to its battery upgrades which will continue to bring the price down and only push the stock further in market value. 

Tesla’s growth continues to push it to be the most valuable car company in the world. This has sparked other rumors that Tesla could possibly be included in the S&P 500 index in the stock exchange. 

This would be a remarkable feat for the California company, one that would continue to propel its growth in the future.

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