Tesla Solar Roof will be rolling out soon Internationally

June 8, 2020

On our Tesla blog, we love talking about all the things surrounding the Tesla company, and more specifically any new specs, news or ideas coming out of the Tesla “lab” that will benefit either the world or specifically its consumers. 

There have been some interesting news coming out of the Tesla solar roof section of the sustainable energy space and it is definitely worth commenting. The important news that we’d like to share is that Tesla recently announced that they will begin expanding its Solar Roof product into further markets. 

This means that Tesla is pushing for an international launch to move more Solar Roofs across the globe. This news is coming after news has been received that the company from California has reportedly filled out the patent for its solar tile to the european patent office. 

This is representative of Elon Musk’s desire to continue growing its Solar Roof product internationally over the coming years. Most of these Solar Roof Tiles are manufactured at the New York Tesla giga factory, and will require an additional step up of its production to take on the European demand. 

There are plenty of advantages of having the Solar Roof Tiles, and once they are properly developed in the UK we will definitely be experimenting with them. Elon recently launched a tweet saying that having these tiles is like “having a money printer on your roof”. 

We hope that we continue to see the growth of the Tesla company as it currently seems that there is nothing that Elon can do wrong! We are extremely content with that and will continue to support all his endeavours.

Here is the full report: https://www.teslarati.com/tesla-solar-roof-international-market-eu-patent/

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