Tesla solar is cheaper, Model 3 wins in China, Cybertruck rare outing

June 21, 2020

A lot of Tesla news coming your way, of all shapes and sizes! We want to start of by talking about the Tesla solar company. It seems that Tesla has cut prices significantly for their installation and they have brought a more potent piece of engineering. 

With this price cut Tesla is now positioning itself as the lowest cost solar company in the US. Tesla claims that the price for their solar panels are around ⅓ the price of the industry average, a remarkable feat that will make them stand out in front of other industry competition. 

In a statement, the Tesla company commented on this incredible feat by claiming that you could make your money back with the cost of installation and cost of the panels in around 6 years. This is just another great advantage to Tesla solar, as many will save a lot of money on electricity bills. 

On to our next topic of conversation, there has been a recent EV sales report coming out of China in the last few days that has shown the utter dominance of Tesla in the Chinese EV market. 

In the month of this year alone, given all extenuating circumstances with the global pandemic, the Tesla model 3 was sold over 11 thousand times, in comparison to its closest rival the GAC Aion S was sold under 4 thousand times. 

What exactly does this mean? Perhaps it is the slight decrease in price that is showing such an increase in demand, but nonetheless Tesla is dominating. It seems that Tesla’s bet on building giga shanghai has paid off immensely and will continue to pay off over time. 

Entering the chinese EV market when they did was correct timing, and has allowed Tesla to dominate the EV market in China like no other company is doing worldwide. Great news from China that we hope to soon see replicated in the US. 

A final thing that we wanted to touch on was that there was a very public outing of the Tesla Cybertruck in Los Angeles. 

The car was loaned to the Petersen Automotive Museum in LA for their reopening and it was a sight that brought along a crowd. 

We’ve added a video from our friends over at electrek as they went to see it and got a first hand look at the Tesla cyber truck prototype. 

It still has us in amazement and disbelief that the Tesla company decided to build such a bold car. It will without a doubt be a trendsetting vehicle that will be remembered for years to come.

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