Tesla pays $100 million for Gigafactory in Austin, Texas

August 9, 2020

Some big news coming out of Tesla North America! Tesla has been attempting to find the proper location to build their incoming gigafactory in Texas and it seems like they have come down with a decision! 

Tesla has apparently paid an astounding figure around $100 million for the largest plot of land they own. The exact location is right outside the city of Austin. The gigafactory will sit in a 2,000 acre plot of land and was bought off part of a publicly traded company known as TXI Operations LP. 

Construction isn’t expected to be happening any time soon, yet work has begun on the massive terrain to prepare the land for further construction. 

We’re excited to see the newly acquired potential of economic efficiency that Tesla will develop by acquiring such a large piece of land to expand on!

Heres our source: 


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