Tesla next factory will most likely be built in Arizona

May 16, 2020

After doing our daily roundup of Tesla news to see what was going on in the on-going tension between Elon and the government of the state of california it seems that important actions have been taken. 

According to a source close to Eletrek, they have been informed that the next location for the Tesla factory will be Austin, Texas. The source also mentioned that the speed at which this factory was going to be built was going to be aggressive. 

As we mentioned in our last post Elon recently announced that there will be delays on production for the new roadster and these delays could also pushover to other models. 

This new Austin, Texas location could be the source of the highly anticipated Terafactory, which would start producing its own battery cells with Tesla technology through its engineers. 

The source also commented on the fact that Elon wants to move fast and make sure that this factory is built ASAP. 

Apparently the exact decision for the location hasn’t been decided yet but there are a few options available that Musk is now seriously considering. This new factory in Austin is planned to start production on Cybertruck and Model Y models. 

The speed of the construction will be very important to the output of the factory as Tesla is planning on having Model Y’s being finished by the end of this year. 

That would mean that hopefully by the end of 2021 the Austin, Texas factory could be producing cyber trucks. 

The speed of construction will be similar to that of the shanghai gigafactory, even though the plan for this factory will just be a general assembly. For that reason Tesla has a very fast timeline planned to be as effective as possible with the production of their new models. 

We hope that nothing gets in the way of Tesla's highly ambitious timeline, especially COVID-19, which already has caused quite a bit of turmoil in the Tesla world. 

We hope Elon can continue to pioneer in this space and keep growing Tesla to its greatest potential.

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