Tesla Model Y Tow package revealed

June 27, 2020

This last April, the Tesla company was offering an option of tow hitch for their new Model Y vehicles. There is a new update coming from Tesla this week as they’ve announced that they are launching an aftermarket Tow Package for the Model Y. 

This means that Model Y owners that previously couldnt order any tow options for their vehicles, can buy it now. So what exactly are the specs on the towing? 

For the 19” and 21” wheel options, the weight limit reaches around 3,500 pounds. Interestingly enough when you look at the weight limit for the 20” wheels, the capacity drops to 2,300 pounds. 

In addition Tesla adds that this package comes with a high strength steel tow bar, a trailer harness and a tow mode software package. 

All of this is looking at a price tag of above $200 when ordering it before your delivery date. 

We are quite confused at the difference in capacity between the similar sized wheels, nonetheless we are happy to see Tesla’s flexibility in adding tow options for its new Model Y vehicle that is causing plenty of stir in the EV community. 

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