Tesla Model Y delivery dates have been shortened

May 31, 2020

To the true believers in Tesla, the ones that have invested in the forthcoming model Y there are some good news coming! It seems that the model Y delivery date has been improved and the timeline for completed production has seen a significant pickup in speed. 

This all will definitely be related with Teslas restarted production at its Fremont factory this month. The model 3 delivery dates have improved by 1-2 weeks as well. 

The model Y previously didn’t have a timeline before all factories we’re forced to go into shutdown because of the coronavirus. Now a couple weeks after the reopening of the fremont factory it seems that Tesla has really picked up the pace. 

They’ve announced that the Model Y delivery time is expected to only take between 4-8 weeks in the US. 

This fantastic news to all new Model Y owners and a definite improvement in confidence for those owners that we’re worried that their deliveries were going to be delayed until way after the coronavirus pandemic ended. 

This is good news coming from Tesla US and hopefully news that will have a positive effect on the production of Teslas worldwide, specifically in the UK. 

You can read the full article here: 


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