Tesla Model S reaches 400 mile range

May 24, 2020

The unthinkable has been achieved. What was an absolutely inconceivable thought back 20 years ago has now become a reality! The Tesla Model S Long Range has finally completed 400 miles of range! This was done through a real-world test as Elon has been famously claiming. 

At the start of 2020 there was a new version of the famous Long Range Model S that was released and it claimed to have an EPA-rated range of 391 miles. All of this on a single charge. This new Tesla was called the “Long Range Plus” Model S. 

This is by far Tesla’s vehicle with the highest range and marks a great step towards longer range vehicles and better possibilities for all electric cars and their owners. 

We’ve attached the video below for you guys to consult the results and make your own opinions.


There is clearly one lacking factor and the most important one which makes this new feat perhaps less of a real feat.  The youtuber that performed this feat drove the car in very stable conditions, and at very controlled speeds. 

He would often drive 20 km/h under the speed limit when he needed to make sure to maintain his speed at a cool 90km/h.  He drove 617km with one charge and had around 4% charge left. 

He then ended up guessing that he would’ve arrived at around 640km or 400 miles or range under the same charge. So can we just conclude that this version of the Tesla Model S does 400 miles of range? 

Unfortunately not, it is hard to apply what this youtuber did to the rest of Tesla vehicles. He was not driving like a normal driver would or in the same conditions. 

Nonetheless we’re happy to see that people are pushing Tesla constantly and always asking for more out of the company. We hope to see the 400 mile range electric Teslas become a reality soon enough! We hope you will be there with us to see it.

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