Tesla Model S price cut, and confirmed 400 mile range

June 16, 2020

We’re looking at another price drop coming out of the Tesla company. Yesterday in california the Tesla company announced that they we’re reducing the price of their Model S version by $5,000. 

What exactly does this movement in price mean for us consumers? It seems that Tesla is trying to incentivize as much as possible its older model, one of which it has the most stock of. The new Long Range Plus will now cost our friends in the US around $75,000. 

This is coming after their reduction in price from their Model 3, by $2,000 and their Model X by $5,000. We recently commented on the fact that the Tesla model 3 was the best selling car in the UK of the last two months, even considering the global pandemic! 

Many auto manufacturers are putting in place all types of strategies to make sure that their demand doesn’t stifle in such difficult times. Tesla has followed suit and has offered reduction in prices to allow for some of the demand to pick back up. 

In other unprecedented news, Tesla announced more news relating to its Model S. It has officially announced that the Model S will go 400 miles in between charges. The Long Range plus would only do around 373 according to the EPA. 

How exactly they got more range out of the car is found in its reduction of mass from the vehicle in terms of weight savings in its motors and battery packs. 

All in all, a variety of positive news coming from the Tesla company, nes that we’re excited to talk about and will be waiting for the repercussions here in the UK.

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