Tesla Model 3 Best Selling Car in Uk - 2 months in a row.

June 13, 2020

Through these tough times Covid-19 has taken everybody down with it. Most type of businesses, especially brick and mortar type businesses have taken a significant hit because of the effects of the virus. 

Here in the UK, the government acted late to many things and the repercussions will still be seen over the next year to come. It is a shame the way the government acted, and unfortunately many people will die because of their decisions. 

Now when we talk about Tesla and its success over the years, it wasn’t able to save itself from the coronavirus pandemic effects. Many factories had to shut down and Elon has gone out of his way to fight for the reopening of his factories in the US. 

Much of the news related to Tesla has been in the US, where the government has also been acting in a questionable fashion. So what about in the UK? How is Tesla, and its products doing in the UK? 

We’ll we’re happy to announce with this small blog that for the second month in a row, the Tesla model 3 is the best selling car in the UK. We know that sales have definitely gone down for the California company, but they have continued to dominate sales in the UK. 

One reason for the possible impressive performance could be their easy to use website, and quick and accessible way to order a car. Few companies have thought about the user experience to the level that Tesla has. 

They have focused on making sure that their customers always have the best experience possible. Given that their physical locations have been closed for some time, the only way that customers have been able to order cars has been through their highly performing website. 

We are amazed at Tesla’s performance not only in their cars, but their perseverance to continue to dominate not just electric cars but the auto industry in general. 

We are happy to back them, and to continue supporting their ventures in the UK. For any news, or any used Tesla, or used Tesla parts listings as you already know we are here for you. 

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