Roadster could be delayed to 2022

May 11, 2020

Elon Musk, Tesla’s famed yet controversial CEO has made some public announcements on his recent appearance to Joe Rogan’s podcast.

On the podcast musk announced that deliveries of the new Tesla roadsters were not going to be starting until 2022 as resources will be mitigated to other more important projects. 

The Tesla roadster was first shown to the public in 2017 as an unexpected extra during the initial reveal of Tesla Semi. The event was one of Tesla's most popular events to date. Elon announced that the Roadster would be available in 2020. 

In Elon’s recent appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast the Tesla roadster was discussed among the myriad of other topics.

The Tesla CEO announced that the California based company was planning on prioritising the production of the Cybertruck before the production of the new Tesla roadster. 

Elon suggested that the roadster was the “cherry on top” of all Tesla vehicles and very much saw it like a last necessity. The new production date is supposed to start in 2021 which would mean that deliveries would start in 2022. 

All of this is dependent on a lot of factors that may in fact push the delivery date later such as Tesla workers inability to work because of corona. 

We hope to see Roadsters on the road sooner than later as this new car will change the way we look at electric cars!

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