Quick guide on how to sell on UsedTeslaWorld

April 26, 2020

Here at usedteslaworld we love hearing how quickly our customers were able to sell their cars. Our audience is strictly Tesla enthusiasts and as a result when your listing goes up it is being seen by a very specific group of people. 

That is what differentiates us from other free tools. We take pride in how we’ve been able to slowly build a Tesla exclusive audience and want to keep fostering that audience through the community that we build on our site. 

For that we need to make sure that our site is functioning at its best. Here are a few recommendations that we’ve found to be definite markers between successful and unsuccessful listings. 

  1. Be Honest 

This is perhaps the most important thing behind uploading your Tesla to our marketplace. Making sure that you are being completely honest with your listing and not making up any figures to make the car look more presentable. 

At the end of the day not being honest about your listing will simply cause more problems down the road. Having to confront a serious buyer about the fact that you lied about the mileage of your car or whether it has been in an accident, is a very serious matter. 

As we’re not involved in the actual sale or negotiation of the listing you will not be lying to us, but a hopeful buyer that is interested in what you’re selling. 

Be honest, and make sure that what you’re listing on the site is a reliable and accurate representation of what you actually own and are interested in selling. 

  1. Take many high resolution pictures 

High quality images ensure trust with the buyer.

Most online marketplaces selling physical products are visual first. For that reason we recommend prioritising taking high quality pictures of what you’re selling. 

Are you trying to sell your Tesla? Putting in a bit of effort into taking as many pictures as possible will lead to a significantly better performing listing. 

The simple action of cleaning a car (both inside and outside) before taking pictures will make a drastic change in the way you present your listing to our buyer community. 

Getting as many angles of what you're selling will show the buyers that you have nothing to hide and you are proud of the current state of your vehicle/accessory. 

  1. Be descriptive 

Our final little tip for all of our sellers is to be very descriptive about the item we are uploading to usedteslaworld marketplace. If you’re selling a car on our marketplace we recommend that you include every single specification that you decided to add to it. 

All of these add value and it would be your loss to not include all of those details. When answering the "Yes/No" section of the “Add a listing” form please add more information. 

For example if you answer "Yes" to still having warranty on your car, in the description add how long the warranty will last and what the conditions are. The more information you give the buyers the better they will be informed to make a decision on your listing. 

The less you decide to share, the longer the process of back and forth will have to be between you and a buyer. The more descriptive and more specific you are in your listing the better it will perform overall. 

We hope this quick selling guide has given you some pointers for the best way to upload a listing to UsedTeslaWorld. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions.  :)