Quick guide on how to buy a used Tesla on UsedTeslaWorld

April 27, 2020

Taking the step to finally buy the electric car of your dreams can be an exciting experience. In this brief guide we will give you the overview of the essential things you need to know, before entering the new and Tesla world.

On our site we showcase Tesla listings from all over the United Kingdom, where you can sort through all different options of used Teslas. We understand that the experience can be slightly overwhelming, so follow these simple and easy tips to make your new purchase a lot more coherent.

The first step in having a smooth and enjoyable experience on usedteslaworld.co.uk is making your proper research into what model, battery, and specs you are currently looking for. You can find out more information about the appropriate details of your desired Tesla on their official website: Tesla.com. If you go to our Teslas tab, you will see all the recent Tesla listings. Here you can begin to view them from most recently posted to oldest. 

Click on the desired car you see fit to your standards, and view the header image, as well as the supporting images. If these images are to your liking then read all the details of the listing. More importantly, read the description of the listing, the seller should explain why it is that they are selling their Tesla. In other words, make sure the story adds up. 

Next up would be to contact them, if there's any more pictures you'd like to see, ask them to send you more! A fender looks odd in the listing images? Ask for a detailed shot! Find that the middle seat has a scratch you would like to get a better view of? Don’t hesitate to ask them about it. Find that one of the headlights could be wonky? Make sure they prove you wrong. 

Lastly, the ultimate thing you should do before purchasing your Tesla online is to visit them in person, if possible. If traveling is not an option for either the buyer or the seller we recommend at least trying some type of video call and having a thorough check with the seller through video call. While this option is definitely riskier, you will reduce the risk of getting lied to.

If you aren't familiar with Teslas we recommend you go through an online tutorial of how to do an in person inspection of the Tesla. Make sure you are exhaustive with your questions, you’ll only be able to ask them once. Once in person, check to see their sticker, or MPVA, the sheet which describes all specifications on the Tesla you are buying. The last thing would be to make sure that all the boxes are ticked and what they've advertised to you online is the same as what you're getting in person.

Finally, once you make sure all details are correct and you are comfortable paying the required amount all that is left to do is go through with the purchase. We wish you luck with this process and as always make sure to be 100% certain of any financial decision you choose to take.

In the case that you missed something and it needs replacing, don’t forget to head over to our parts page and find any item that needs replacing. 

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