Model Y - Wheres the hype?

March 30, 2020

With all of the Model 3’s that we’re starting to see on the road and online, we know that the model 3 was a for sure top-selling sedan. It has risen in the charts as one of the most preferred cars in recent months. Nobody is truly surprised given how great all the specs are, especially in relation to the price! Tesla has done it again and for that, we are so excited to continue to be a part of the movement and supporting them the whole way through.
Now, in my opinion, I don’t know if we are talking enough about the Model Y. The Model Y is supposed to be an SUV version of model 3 and a slightly smaller version of the Model X. From the release earlier in 2019 we see that it is literally a perfect merge between the two models. With all of the buzz surrounding the Model 3, it seems like the Model Y has gone a bit unnoticed. Tesla announced that they will be delivering the higher end Model Y’s before any other versions of it as those are the most expensive and as a result the more margin-rich vehicles for them. The first cars to be delivered will be the performance version, followed by the Long-range dual-motor AWD, followed by the Long Range and finally the Standard Range which is expected to be delivered starting in 2021.

This Model Y is interesting because as we know in the US best selling SUVs usually outsell the top-selling cars, and for that reason, we think that Model Y as a small SUV can easily be a top seller. The model Y is equipped as a 7 seater, but from the demonstrations of people test driving them and even the initial unveiling of the car those 2 people in the back looked quite crammed. Unless you are traveling with smaller people, or children those 2 back seats might not be the most comfortable. Nonetheless, the design is, as mentioned before, an exact hybrid of both the Model X and Model 3, as it even shares parts with the Model 3.

I am quite excited about the interior, which is similar to Model 3. The all-glass panoramic roof that gives an incredible view of the sky and gives a bigger sense of headroom. The “Frunk” or front trunk is supposed to be a little deeper and larger, and the ride height is a little higher than the Model 3. The Model Y is a hatchback and will have an automatic rear liftgate which is fantastic and absolutely essential in my opinion. One of the main differences that we find is that the shiny chrome pieces that we see around the outside of the doors of the Model 3 won’t be there for the Model Y and they will all be a matte black type colour. The interior display is quite similar to the Model 3, so no surprises there.

The Model Y was recently spotted out in the snow, which is important given that they should always be testing for cold climates. The Model Y also very recently received its CARB certification in California meaning that the delivery of its initial stock could be earlier than anticipated! For reference, the first batch of Model 3’s was delivered in the US 25 days after its CARB certification was given. This is great news for us in the UK as the sooner they start delivering the cars in the US, the sooner we’ll get them here! We get closer every day to receive our Model Y’s!