GigaBerlin moving forward without final government approval

July 1, 2020

The Tesla situation in Europe is slowly improving over time. In comparison to bigger Tesla hubs in North America and Asia, Europe is a much smaller market. Tesla’s push for gigaBerlin has been substantial over the last few years as it would allow it to quickly grow its operation over European countries. 

So how is it going? Well, it is expected to start production on cars in July of 2021 and with an expected build time of around 12 months, if the project doesn’t start soon their promise might need to be delayed. 

The gigaBerlin factory will be crucial for development of the Tesla brand in Europe. They are attempting to reduce the exorbitant cost of shipping the cars straight from california at scale. 

Additionally Tesla has announced that the Model Y will not be seen around Europe until the gigaBerlin factory starts producing them in late 2021.  The current global pandemic situation hasn’t helped at all as most economies we’re held to a standstill. 

Today we’re reporting that there are rumors that the Tesla company is deciding to move forward with building the gigafactory in Berlin besides the fact they don’t have the local governments final approval for the project. 

It does seem that the local government has agreed overall to the project taking place, however they have not confirmed final details and perhaps this last step might well be a mere formality. 

Nonetheless, it has hit newspapers with a quite aggressive tone indicating that Tesla is choosing to continue production of their factory at their own risk. 

We hope Tesla can continue to stay on their deadline and expand their global network across Europe and so we can start seeing Model Y’s in Europe soon!

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