Tesla driver found asleep at the wheel

A man has been charged after being found speeding at the highway while asleep. Police say that both seats were completely reclined and he was fast asleep. The police say the car appeared to be self-driving and traveling over 140km/h. 

After the police tried to get the vehicle’s attention and get it to stop by flashing their lights the Tesla reportedly sped up to 150km/h. This is shocking considering that Canada’s highway network limit is 110km/h. The driver was charged with dangerous driving, and he is due to appear in court this December.

Although the manufacturers of the Teslas have built-in protection systems to prevent drivers from taking advantage of the car’s autopilot features users still manage to get around that. 

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Tesla stock takes 21% one day dive

It seems like after months of continuous growth, the Tesla stock has finally reached an important contraction of its stock. There are multiple reasons that people are citing for this strong fall of the stock.

The first and perhaps the most important is its fall from its possible inclusion in the S&P 500 index, an inclusion that would've driven the significance of the stock up.

It's still important to consider that year-to-date Tesla is still up 294% an absolutely astounding figure that shows the market's bullish expectation of the EV giant.

In other news, GM has taken a $2 billion stake in Tesla's competitor Nikola. Nikola is pushing to create the first Cybertruck competitor, and with GM's inclusion in its growth path, they will definitely be a force to be reckoned with.

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Bill Gates thinks Tesla Semi and electric planes will ‘probably never work’

Former Microsoft Founder and CEO Bill Gates has recently said some controversial comments about the upcoming Tesla Semi trucks and also Elon Musks recent declaration of the possibility of electric planes. In recent times Bill Gates has tried to improve the world around him by trying to solve major world issues. He is recently becoming more prevalent in the media due to his cautionary tale that we didn’t prepare well enough for the pandemic. 

However, recently he made some comments regarding going electric. “Even with big breakthroughs in battery technology, electric vehicles will probably never be a practical solution for things like 18-wheelers, cargo ships, and passenger jets. Electricity works when you need to cover short distances, but we need a different solution for heavy, long-haul vehicles.”

With this comment we believe that Bill Gates does think the future of transport is electric. However, there needs to be a dramatic improvement in technology before that can happen with airplanes and world wide Semi transports. 

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Tesla 5-for-1 Stock Split Incoming

Tesla’s value on the stock market has been skyrocketing nonstop. We’ve seen incredible high’s throughout quarantine and most recently in these last few days the Tesla stock hasn’t stopped climbing. 

In an attempt to make the stock more accessible, Tesla has decided to go forward with a stock split. What this means is that each person who owns one share of the company will be given an additional 4. Meaning that the value of 1 share will now be equivalent to 5 shares. 

At the same time the value of the Tesla stock will be divided by the same ratio as the stock split. This means that if you owned one Tesla share at 100$ you will now own 5 Tesla shares at $20. 

Companies often do this to make the stock more accessible to retail investors. The unpredictable growth of the Tesla stock over the last few months has made it inaccessible to a large portion of common investors. 

Going through with a stock split will allow Tesla to continue growing, with a strong market value and more approachability for other investors looking to join in on the continued growth! 

Do any of our readers own Tesla stock! Send us an email cause we’d love to hear your experience! 

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Tesla promptly showcases nanowire technology in Battery Day

Tesla is trying to show a type of nanotechnology in its Battery Day announcement ahead of its presentation this upcoming month. In their background for the ‘poster’ of their shareholders and Battery Day announcement Tesla showcased an image looking like a few different striations.

This is finally here after Tesla had to move their Stockholders meeting multiple times due to the Covid-19 pandemic. If this technology means what we think it could mean, it would be the new generation of batteries and charging. Marking a new chapter in this technology and making Tesla a true pioneer of nanotechnology batteries. 

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Tesla pays $100 million for Gigafactory in Austin, Texas

Some big news coming out of Tesla North America! Tesla has been attempting to find the proper location to build their incoming gigafactory in Texas and it seems like they have come down with a decision! 

Tesla has apparently paid an astounding figure around $100 million for the largest plot of land they own. The exact location is right outside the city of Austin. The gigafactory will sit in a 2,000 acre plot of land and was bought off part of a publicly traded company known as TXI Operations LP. 

Construction isn’t expected to be happening any time soon, yet work has begun on the massive terrain to prepare the land for further construction. 

We’re excited to see the newly acquired potential of economic efficiency that Tesla will develop by acquiring such a large piece of land to expand on!

Heres our source:

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Tesla is might try to supply software to competitors

Electric car company Tesla is possibly open to supplying software, powertrains, and batteries to other automotive companies. Elon Musk said in a revealing statement how licensing of the technology would accelerate sustainable energy, rather than crush competitors. 

In one way the rise of Tesla’s economic advantage over other automotive makers has put Tesla in a powerful position. They have the option to now charge for their extremely advanced technology in which competitors are not even close to getting there. 

Although this seems like a positive change to the automotive EV boom, it is unlikely that it will happen as the board of Tesla will block it from happening so automakers don’t catch up as fast.

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Tesla decides to build Semi-Truck in Texas

Tesla is finally deciding to bring their long-awaited Tesla semi-truck into the public audience in late 2021. During the conference call following Teslas Q2 2020 financial results, the team managing tesla automotive mentioned briefly that the new truck was going to be built in Austin. 

Elon Musk said, “We’re going to be doing a major factory there. And it’s also where we will be doing Cybetruck there, the Tesla semi program...” This is exciting news as it’s the first time Tesla announces a location for the truck. Tesla’s main production resource is to be a direct line to consumers and deal with them immediately, rather than with third-party occupants and wholesale dealers.

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Tesla is leading the UK’s electric car sales

Tesla, the electric car company run by CEO Elon Musk is helping the UK transition from gas guzzlers to electric vehicles. Sales in the UK are surging, currently being led by tesla who still maintains strong sales in the market despite the coronavirus epidemic.

In April and May sales were so low in the UK that the Model 3 took the best selling award with only 800 deliveries. However, due to recent economic activity the car market has taken a turn and is starting to recover steadily. Amidst this, the Tesla Model 3 is still in front of the race.

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Tesla stock hits new peak at $1,794.99

Well we can’t believe that we’re writing about this again, but Tesla has just reached a new all time high in its market value. Its stock reached a new peak after growing 16% and hitting almost $1800. 

The reason for another dramatic surge of its stock? The news is mixed on this front, as there are a variety of news that keep popping up in relation to Tesla. 

One of the biggest things to talk about is that the Tesla battery day has finally been announced, and it will take place on September 22, the exact same day as the annual shareholder meeting. 

Tesla stock owners are very excited about the possible developments that could be taking place to the Tesla company in relation to its battery upgrades which will continue to bring the price down and only push the stock further in market value. 

Tesla’s growth continues to push it to be the most valuable car company in the world. This has sparked other rumors that Tesla could possibly be included in the S&P 500 index in the stock exchange. 

This would be a remarkable feat for the California company, one that would continue to propel its growth in the future.

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Tesla moving towards Cobalt-free batteries

It is not a secret that the electric vehicle industry is trying as hard as they can to reduce the prices of their cars. Still one of the most important reasons consumers aren’t making the full switch to electric is because of the slightly steeper price tag. 

But where does the pricey price tag come from? It is estimated that around one third of the cost of each car comes from their batteries. Tesla has developed incredible efficient and powerful batteries that allow their cars to hit ranges that were unprecedented by other electric vehicle companies. 

Now for the news, Tesla is now taking a significant bet that Cobalt-free batteries are the future of batteries for all electric cars. Cobalt makes Teslas lithium ion batteries quite expensive, on top of the fact that it has the additional cost of cobalt mining in conflict areas such as the congo. 

Instead Tesla is placing their bets, and moving forward with the creation of Lithium Ion phosphate batteries to continue powering their cars. They believe they can easily surpass the iconic price tag of $100 per kWh. The price per kWh has dropped from over $1000 in 2010 to less than $150 this past year.

These batteries will be used in the production of Model 3’s in their Shanghai gigafactory and is expected to bring down the cost of manufacturing an additional 15%. It seems that day after day, we’re getting closer to a reality where electric vehicles will take over as not only the best vehicle option available, but the most affordable.

Here's the article detailed by forbes:

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Tesla is facing a $20B short bet on TSLA stock

Tesla, ticker symbol (TSLA) is facing a $20 billion short bet against its stock. This comes as no surprise after its stock rallied over the legendary $1000 per share area. Days after their legendary rally Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO released Tesla short shorts at $69.420, poking fun at Tesla short-sellers who lost a lot of money betting against the stock.

An analyst at S3 Partners, a monetary fund said the following, “Tesla continues to be the largest equity short in the domestic market with $19.2 billion of short interest.” What this means for the stock is that it could face a lot of selling action, marking the price to go lower than recent times

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Tesla's growth in China Continues

The investment that the Tesla company decided to make when they built the Shanghai gigafactory has already started to see its return on investment. Sales for the chinese electric vehicle market had a significant drop in June yet Tesla still took the largest chunk. 

We need to take into account that the Fremont California factory was forced to shut down during the second quarter and as a result, Tesla was depending on the performance of the factory in Shanghai to pull a larger weight. 

In the months of April and May, Tesla was able to deliver a little more than 3600 cars, all of them made in china. This was happening while sales saw a record high of 11,000 vehicles. 

As reports come out showing the decreased sales numbers for the electric vehicle market in China in June, Tesla is still coming out on top as they delivered almost 15,000 Model 3’s in June. 

Tesla was able to dominate the chinese electric vehicle market to the point of taking 23% of the market - an astounding figure. 

Another astonishing figure is the fact that Q2 deliveries from china estimated around 30K, representing a third of Tesla’s deliveries worldwide. We must take into account the global pandemic that hit everybody economically, nonetheless, this is showing that the Shanghai Tesla gigafactory was a fantastic investment from the start.

Check the full article here:

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Tesla releases short shorts for $69.420

Tesla has recently released its own satin red short shorts as a way of responding to Tesla bears following recent market moves. It’s stock recently made new highs of $1400 making it the most valuable car company in the world, surpassing the titans Toyota. The recent stunt directed by CEO Elon Musk crashed the companies site, making it nonoperational for a few minutes.

The price is a reference to 420, the number associated with marijuana which recently put Elon Musk in trouble for smoking during the Joe Rogan podcast. The 69 is due to the exact 69 days after April 20th. The shorts on the back have “S3XY”, a reference to the Tesla Model S, Model 3, Model X, and most recently Model Y.

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Tesla becomes most valued car company by market value - higher than Toyota

Some news coming out of financial markets in the US. Tesla's stock rose sharply 5% in the last few days allowing the TSLA stock to reach highs of $1135 making the California company worth $206.5 billion. 

While the Tesla company has yet to turn over a profit in a calendar year they have now become, at least momentarily the most valuable automaker in the world. They recently took the place of Toyota which had a market valuation of $4 billion less at $202 billion. 

This year has been an outstanding year for the Tesla stock, as the new releases have pushed the car company higher up through its market value. The release of the cybertruck, the roadster, production of Model Y, Tesla solar market domination among other incredible news have shown that Tesla is prepared for the future and looking forward to keep growing at an unstoppable rate. 

Nonetheless when we actually take a moment to compare the Japanese company with Tesla in terms of production, we see stark differences. When taking into account the previous period that ended March 31st, Tesla had produced a little over 100,000 cars while Toyota had produced more than 2 million. 

The age of both companies should also be taken into account, yet we keep being surprised by the performance of the company led by Elon Musk. 

The electric vehicle craze has slipped into the stock markets and will continue to be a hot topic over the next few years as new players come in to fight for the prized possession of being at the top.

Here is the detailed article from CBNC:

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GigaBerlin moving forward without final government approval

The Tesla situation in Europe is slowly improving over time. In comparison to bigger Tesla hubs in North America and Asia, Europe is a much smaller market. Tesla’s push for gigaBerlin has been substantial over the last few years as it would allow it to quickly grow its operation over European countries. 

So how is it going? Well, it is expected to start production on cars in July of 2021 and with an expected build time of around 12 months, if the project doesn’t start soon their promise might need to be delayed. 

The gigaBerlin factory will be crucial for development of the Tesla brand in Europe. They are attempting to reduce the exorbitant cost of shipping the cars straight from california at scale. 

Additionally Tesla has announced that the Model Y will not be seen around Europe until the gigaBerlin factory starts producing them in late 2021.  The current global pandemic situation hasn’t helped at all as most economies we’re held to a standstill. 

Today we’re reporting that there are rumors that the Tesla company is deciding to move forward with building the gigafactory in Berlin besides the fact they don’t have the local governments final approval for the project. 

It does seem that the local government has agreed overall to the project taking place, however they have not confirmed final details and perhaps this last step might well be a mere formality. 

Nonetheless, it has hit newspapers with a quite aggressive tone indicating that Tesla is choosing to continue production of their factory at their own risk. 

We hope Tesla can continue to stay on their deadline and expand their global network across Europe and so we can start seeing Model Y’s in Europe soon!

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Tesla’s Cybertruck competitor Ford releases the new F-150

Tesla’s Cybertruck competitor Ford releases the new F-150. The Ford F-150, the RAM 1500, and the Chevy Silverado are the main pickup contesters in this space and have been for many years. Closely behind have been Nissan’s Titan and Toyota’s Tundra. 

Being 43 years best selling car, Ford released their new 14th generation F-150, marking a new age of technology in trucks, equipped with higher performance than its predecessors.

Tesla’s Cybertruck set to launch until late 2021. By this margin, it would beat Ford’s electric version of their own trucks. If Tesla does manage to beat Ford to this race they could start an entirely new category of electric pickup trucks, possibly disrupting the USA market as a whole for outdoor and leisure vehicles.

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Tesla Model Y Tow package revealed

This last April, the Tesla company was offering an option of tow hitch for their new Model Y vehicles. There is a new update coming from Tesla this week as they’ve announced that they are launching an aftermarket Tow Package for the Model Y. 

This means that Model Y owners that previously couldnt order any tow options for their vehicles, can buy it now. So what exactly are the specs on the towing? 

For the 19” and 21” wheel options, the weight limit reaches around 3,500 pounds. Interestingly enough when you look at the weight limit for the 20” wheels, the capacity drops to 2,300 pounds. 

In addition Tesla adds that this package comes with a high strength steel tow bar, a trailer harness and a tow mode software package. 

All of this is looking at a price tag of above $200 when ordering it before your delivery date. 

We are quite confused at the difference in capacity between the similar sized wheels, nonetheless we are happy to see Tesla’s flexibility in adding tow options for its new Model Y vehicle that is causing plenty of stir in the EV community. 

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Tesla reportedly shipped early Model S with leaky battery packs

Tesla’s early push for manufacturing the Model S prioritized release dates over quality control. Some of their earliest Model S electric sedans were shipped with a flawed battery pack which was prone to coolant leaks, which inevitably would lead to possible fires. Apparently, the company was cutting corners in this part of the Model S in order to ensure shipment in mid-2012, right when they started establishing themselves as a large scale manufacturer.

According to Business Insider, there were two problems that were often seen in the Model S battery packs. First, a third-party testing firm told Tesla that the aluminum they used was susceptible to cracks and pinholes. Lastly, their coil was ‘loosely’ hanging, which could turn into more coolant leaks.

All in all, Tesla still maintains record for safest cars in the world. 

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Tesla solar is cheaper, Model 3 wins in China, Cybertruck rare outing

A lot of Tesla news coming your way, of all shapes and sizes! We want to start of by talking about the Tesla solar company. It seems that Tesla has cut prices significantly for their installation and they have brought a more potent piece of engineering. 

With this price cut Tesla is now positioning itself as the lowest cost solar company in the US. Tesla claims that the price for their solar panels are around ⅓ the price of the industry average, a remarkable feat that will make them stand out in front of other industry competition. 

In a statement, the Tesla company commented on this incredible feat by claiming that you could make your money back with the cost of installation and cost of the panels in around 6 years. This is just another great advantage to Tesla solar, as many will save a lot of money on electricity bills. 

On to our next topic of conversation, there has been a recent EV sales report coming out of China in the last few days that has shown the utter dominance of Tesla in the Chinese EV market. 

In the month of this year alone, given all extenuating circumstances with the global pandemic, the Tesla model 3 was sold over 11 thousand times, in comparison to its closest rival the GAC Aion S was sold under 4 thousand times. 

What exactly does this mean? Perhaps it is the slight decrease in price that is showing such an increase in demand, but nonetheless Tesla is dominating. It seems that Tesla’s bet on building giga shanghai has paid off immensely and will continue to pay off over time. 

Entering the chinese EV market when they did was correct timing, and has allowed Tesla to dominate the EV market in China like no other company is doing worldwide. Great news from China that we hope to soon see replicated in the US. 

A final thing that we wanted to touch on was that there was a very public outing of the Tesla Cybertruck in Los Angeles. 

The car was loaned to the Petersen Automotive Museum in LA for their reopening and it was a sight that brought along a crowd. 

We’ve added a video from our friends over at electrek as they went to see it and got a first hand look at the Tesla cyber truck prototype. 

It still has us in amazement and disbelief that the Tesla company decided to build such a bold car. It will without a doubt be a trendsetting vehicle that will be remembered for years to come.

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweets Tesla will postpone their annual shareholder meeting

In a tweet replying to a Tesla enthusiast, Elon Musk confirmed the Tesla CyberTruck will be at the annual shareholders meeting, however, unfortunately, the meeting itself will have to be postponed due to the coronavirus. 

“We will have to postpone annual shareholder meeting, as still no large gatherings allowed by July 7th. Not sure of new date, but am guessing maybe a month or so later,” Musk said in his tweet.

Whether this will affect the share price of Tesla is unknown, but we will report back with any updates.

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Tesla Model S price cut, and confirmed 400 mile range

We’re looking at another price drop coming out of the Tesla company. Yesterday in california the Tesla company announced that they we’re reducing the price of their Model S version by $5,000. 

What exactly does this movement in price mean for us consumers? It seems that Tesla is trying to incentivize as much as possible its older model, one of which it has the most stock of. The new Long Range Plus will now cost our friends in the US around $75,000. 

This is coming after their reduction in price from their Model 3, by $2,000 and their Model X by $5,000. We recently commented on the fact that the Tesla model 3 was the best selling car in the UK of the last two months, even considering the global pandemic! 

Many auto manufacturers are putting in place all types of strategies to make sure that their demand doesn’t stifle in such difficult times. Tesla has followed suit and has offered reduction in prices to allow for some of the demand to pick back up. 

In other unprecedented news, Tesla announced more news relating to its Model S. It has officially announced that the Model S will go 400 miles in between charges. The Long Range plus would only do around 373 according to the EPA. 

How exactly they got more range out of the car is found in its reduction of mass from the vehicle in terms of weight savings in its motors and battery packs. 

All in all, a variety of positive news coming from the Tesla company, nes that we’re excited to talk about and will be waiting for the repercussions here in the UK.

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Tesla being offered incentive package for Austin factory

Tesla is being offered an incentive package for its near new Austin factory. Tesla says it has plans and high hopes to have an assembly line ready for their new Model Y by the end of the month. 

Currently, the incentives that are being planned for Tesla are unknown, however, the Travis County commissioners court is set to discuss terms on Tuesday. The reason as to why Tesla would be given an incentive and is even in the conversation is due to Teslas incredible wealth capability factor. As Tesla factories start popping up we start seeing how the rise in salaries and active jobs creates a higher GDP for the local areas.

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Tesla Model 3 Best Selling Car in Uk - 2 months in a row.

Through these tough times Covid-19 has taken everybody down with it. Most type of businesses, especially brick and mortar type businesses have taken a significant hit because of the effects of the virus. 

Here in the UK, the government acted late to many things and the repercussions will still be seen over the next year to come. It is a shame the way the government acted, and unfortunately many people will die because of their decisions. 

Now when we talk about Tesla and its success over the years, it wasn’t able to save itself from the coronavirus pandemic effects. Many factories had to shut down and Elon has gone out of his way to fight for the reopening of his factories in the US. 

Much of the news related to Tesla has been in the US, where the government has also been acting in a questionable fashion. So what about in the UK? How is Tesla, and its products doing in the UK? 

We’ll we’re happy to announce with this small blog that for the second month in a row, the Tesla model 3 is the best selling car in the UK. We know that sales have definitely gone down for the California company, but they have continued to dominate sales in the UK. 

One reason for the possible impressive performance could be their easy to use website, and quick and accessible way to order a car. Few companies have thought about the user experience to the level that Tesla has. 

They have focused on making sure that their customers always have the best experience possible. Given that their physical locations have been closed for some time, the only way that customers have been able to order cars has been through their highly performing website. 

We are amazed at Tesla’s performance not only in their cars, but their perseverance to continue to dominate not just electric cars but the auto industry in general. 

We are happy to back them, and to continue supporting their ventures in the UK. For any news, or any used Tesla, or used Tesla parts listings as you already know we are here for you. 

Add any used Tesla or part completely free!

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Tesla receives approval to use cobalt-free batteries in China

Tesla has received approval from China to use cobalt-free batteries in their vehicles. This is due to the link to child labor in the remote regions of China. This battery will be only used for the Model 3 Vehicles up to date, according to Chinese officials. 

Although the publishment did not explain what supplier would be manufacturing the batteries, it is known that it will be managed by China’s Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. They are commonly known as the global industry leaders for Cobalt batteries. 

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Lets talk about the Tesla Competitor worth more than Ford

The Tesla competitor known as Nikola has been in the news recently and has held all Electric car rumors hostage. Nikola is a US based start-up that currently has a market value of over £20 billion. 

How is this even possible given the fact that they have yet to deliver a vehicle? There was a sudden surge in its share price as soon as they announced that they were open for orders for their very expected pick-up car. 

The company that took the first name of the famed Nikola Tesla, has its eye mainly focused on producing F-150 type pickup trucks.  It has had plenty of well-known investors back their journey including the founder of Fiat, Anheuser-Busch, and Bosch. 

Perhaps the most impressive figure is that Nikola only has 250 employees yet has more than 10 billion in pre-orders for its commercial trucks. They are expecting to start delivering their trucks in 2021, yet we will see how that compares to its actual delivery dates in the future. 

We look forward to keep an eye on the Nikola company and hope that increased competition brings improved development for all electric cars in the future. This will without a doubt be beneficial for us customers, and we look forward to writing about it.

Here is the full article:

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Tesla shares rise above $1,000 due to Semi Truck Manufacture

Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced via a leaked email to his employees that it was time to ‘go all out’ on the manufacturing and production of the Tesla Semi. This electric Class 8 truck was revealed nearly 3 years ago as well as the second edition of the Tesla roadster. 

Due to this confirmation of production Tesla shares rose more than 6% Wednesday morning to beat the $1,000 mark. The total valuation of the company is now estimated at around $187 billion.

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Tesla Solar Roof will be rolling out soon Internationally

On our Tesla blog, we love talking about all the things surrounding the Tesla company, and more specifically any new specs, news or ideas coming out of the Tesla “lab” that will benefit either the world or specifically its consumers. 

There have been some interesting news coming out of the Tesla solar roof section of the sustainable energy space and it is definitely worth commenting. The important news that we’d like to share is that Tesla recently announced that they will begin expanding its Solar Roof product into further markets. 

This means that Tesla is pushing for an international launch to move more Solar Roofs across the globe. This news is coming after news has been received that the company from California has reportedly filled out the patent for its solar tile to the european patent office. 

This is representative of Elon Musk’s desire to continue growing its Solar Roof product internationally over the coming years. Most of these Solar Roof Tiles are manufactured at the New York Tesla giga factory, and will require an additional step up of its production to take on the European demand. 

There are plenty of advantages of having the Solar Roof Tiles, and once they are properly developed in the UK we will definitely be experimenting with them. Elon recently launched a tweet saying that having these tiles is like “having a money printer on your roof”. 

We hope that we continue to see the growth of the Tesla company as it currently seems that there is nothing that Elon can do wrong! We are extremely content with that and will continue to support all his endeavours.

Here is the full report:

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Elon Musk reportedly scoping new areas for UK gigafactory

It is rumored that Tesla Automotive CEO Elon Musk has flown to the UK to check out a possible new location for its first gigafactory in the UK. According to the Mirror, plans have been made to view industrial parks available with four million square feet. 

Due to the Mirror’s reports, they have said that the new possible factory could be situated in Somerset’s Bridgewater. 

According to reports, Elon Musk’s private jet landed in Luton Airport and refueled for the next day ready for takeoff. 

If Elon Musk decides to build his new factory in the UK that could mean the boom Tesla Sales in the UK. Also, a rise in economic prowess in that local area.

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12 seat Tesla Van in development

There have been interesting rumors coming from the Boring Company in california claiming that Tesla is in the process of developing a 12 seat electric van. It truly does seem that Elon Musk, Tesla’s controversial founder has his fingers in many pies. 

Interestingly enough, all of these pies belong to him. Elon’s multitude of companies seem to be in constant movement, as an example, the SpaceX launch to the ISS a few days ago was a complete viral success. 

Nonetheless the report from Mercury News has reported that Tesla is in the process of making a 12-seat electric van but will not be available for public purchase. Instead this 12 seat electric vehicle will be used for the Boring Company for its high-speed tunnel. 

This high-speed tunnel is meant to link the city of Rancho Cucamonga with the international airport of Ontario. 

This Van is built for 12 passengers and will allow plenty of room for luggage and there have been claims that the van will move at around 130 miles per hour.  The boring company is hoping to win big with a new contract for the high-speed tunnel from the airport to the county reducing the cost of the supposed light rail system by 95%. 

People will be able to transport from point A to point B in around 2 minutes, all of this with an electric, Tesla powered van. 

We’re happy to report news of such forward thinking events, and are glad that Tesla continues to be a force to be dealt with in many facets of today's modern economy.

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Tesla Model 3 becomes top-selling car in California

For the second year in a row, Tesla’s Model 3 becomes the top-selling vehicle sold in California, beating household names such as the Toyota Camry and Corolla, and the Honda Civic and Accord. 

The incredible feat for Tesla was revealed by the California New Car Dealers Association, which credited Tesla with almost 19,000 Model 3 Sales. These metrics were found to be between the first three months of 2020, which beat the usual winners such as the Civic and the Corolla. This comes as a surprising feat as Tesla Model 3 is considered a ‘near luxury’ vehicle.

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Tesla Supercharger network expansion in China

Big news in China for Teslas and Tesla owners alike. Given how strong the interest for Teslas in China has gotten to, Tesla has stepped up and decided to build an additional 4000 superchargers across China within the following year. 

The exorbitant growth of Tesla across the world has not be underestimated, yet the growth of Tesla in China is now grossing more than people have previously expected. 

In the past 5 years there have been 150 Chinese cities that have received around 2.5K superchargers to fuel their Teslas.  This last week the Tesla office in Shanghai announced that the needed to sustain the continued growth with an expansion of their supercharger network. 

This is also inline with the Chinese government’s decision to push for electric vehicles, and has given subsidies to its population for those that choose electric vehicles. Tesla’s decision to build a gigafactory in Shanghai has only allowed Tesla to continue its domination across the electric vehicle niche. 

Its recent deliveries of its Model 3 LR built in China will most likely be one of the most popular electric cars of the year in China. 

The new push for development of supercharger networks will clearly continue to grow and push the demand of electric cars in china and continue Tesla’s dominance of the electric car market overall. We hope to continue tracking the growth of Chinese demand for Teslas. 

We hope that the supercharger network in the UK gets quickly upgraded as well as there are a few sections in the UK that could do with a powerful supercharger network.

You can read the full take here:

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Tesla to turn software service into revenue stream

Tesla has begun to indicate that it might start to grow its software offering. This could include a subscription to their self-driving system. This is not a surprise as over the last year Tesla has started charging ten dollars a month for its ‘premium connectivity’ features.

Morgan Stanley, a financial analyst for Tesla said they believe that only 27% of Tesla buyers actually buying the $7,000 self-driving package in full. Driving that price down as a subscription service would make it much more affordable for the average consumer, and in turn, create more recurring revenue for Tesla.

This being the new status quo with big tech firms has brought huge possibilities for Tesla to create more business and at a faster pace. The lower barrier to entry of their flagship feature could mean the difference between a massive jump in new customers.

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Tesla Model Y delivery dates have been shortened

To the true believers in Tesla, the ones that have invested in the forthcoming model Y there are some good news coming! It seems that the model Y delivery date has been improved and the timeline for completed production has seen a significant pickup in speed. 

This all will definitely be related with Teslas restarted production at its Fremont factory this month. The model 3 delivery dates have improved by 1-2 weeks as well. 

The model Y previously didn’t have a timeline before all factories we’re forced to go into shutdown because of the coronavirus. Now a couple weeks after the reopening of the fremont factory it seems that Tesla has really picked up the pace. 

They’ve announced that the Model Y delivery time is expected to only take between 4-8 weeks in the US. 

This fantastic news to all new Model Y owners and a definite improvement in confidence for those owners that we’re worried that their deliveries were going to be delayed until way after the coronavirus pandemic ended. 

This is good news coming from Tesla US and hopefully news that will have a positive effect on the production of Teslas worldwide, specifically in the UK. 

You can read the full article here:

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Tesla helping boost EV sales in South Korea

The recent increase in sales of Teslas in the South Korean market has sparked a new interest for Tesla. Recently Tesla had some issues entering the South Korean domain due to troubles in not receiving a ~£20,000.00 grant per vehicle accessible for other electric vehicle manufactures. 

The reason for the ineligibility was that electric vehicles had to fully charge in under ten hours using a standard outlet. This would give an advantage to those vehicles with a smaller range and battery size, ultimately running Tesla out of the race. 

Last year Tesla released its Model 3 to the South Korean market at around £20,000.00, including incentives. This new advancement into the new market has pushed Tesla to be a new and powerful force in the EV market.

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Tesla vehicle prices cut by $5000

There is some important news over in Tesla North America. It seems that Tesla has decided to bring down the prices of Model X and Model S down by $5,000 each. This is specifically applied to the Long Range Plus version of each as well as their Performance level vehicles. 

It’s also important to add that the Model 3 has also seen a small decrease in price of $2000. This applies to all versions of their Model 3 vehicles. The price range for their newest upcoming Model Y hasn’t changed. 

There have also been sources that have speculated the price of these models will also be reduced in their vehicles sold in China. This will not include their model 3’s as they are produced in China. 

The exact reason for the price drop isn’t specifically known but there have been rumors circling around giving different possible reasons. The first is a simple attempt to push up demand for their cars after the significant halt in sales due to the coronavirus. 

It seems that Tesla, much like most companies are not immune to the destructive effect of the coronavirus.  

Reports of auto sales in April of 2020 in comparison April last year saw the sales of the auto industry cut in half. In times like these, people prioritize absolute necessities instead of going out looking for a new car to purchase. 

Other large vehicle conglomerates are offering things such as 0% financing and improved payment options for their potential buyers. 

We hope the effect of the coronavirus slows down and allows businesses to continue to flourish, especially Tesla ;).

Here's some more info on the subject:

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Teslas China stoppage in sales are veiled by Model 3 orders

Teslas orders in china had crashed 64% this April despite a large recovery in their electric vehicle market. This news was revered by Tesla stock bears (those who want the stock to crash) because they thought this meant the possible downfall of the shanghai gigafactory. However, according to the latest Tesla data we can see that this is in fact not true and Tesla is actually in great shape.

In April Tesla only sold 3,635 Model 3 vehicles, down 50% from the units that were actually sold in March. This data was delivered by the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA). However what this does not show is that Tesla received close to 15k orders in April, most of the being long-range Model 3 models. 

Does this mean Teslas China’s future is possibly saved from doom or is this just a small hike in sales for the downturn that will come from the financial recession?

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Tesla Model S reaches 400 mile range

The unthinkable has been achieved. What was an absolutely inconceivable thought back 20 years ago has now become a reality! The Tesla Model S Long Range has finally completed 400 miles of range! This was done through a real-world test as Elon has been famously claiming. 

At the start of 2020 there was a new version of the famous Long Range Model S that was released and it claimed to have an EPA-rated range of 391 miles. All of this on a single charge. This new Tesla was called the “Long Range Plus” Model S. 

This is by far Tesla’s vehicle with the highest range and marks a great step towards longer range vehicles and better possibilities for all electric cars and their owners. 

We’ve attached the video below for you guys to consult the results and make your own opinions.

There is clearly one lacking factor and the most important one which makes this new feat perhaps less of a real feat.  The youtuber that performed this feat drove the car in very stable conditions, and at very controlled speeds. 

He would often drive 20 km/h under the speed limit when he needed to make sure to maintain his speed at a cool 90km/h.  He drove 617km with one charge and had around 4% charge left. 

He then ended up guessing that he would’ve arrived at around 640km or 400 miles or range under the same charge. So can we just conclude that this version of the Tesla Model S does 400 miles of range? 

Unfortunately not, it is hard to apply what this youtuber did to the rest of Tesla vehicles. He was not driving like a normal driver would or in the same conditions. 

Nonetheless we’re happy to see that people are pushing Tesla constantly and always asking for more out of the company. We hope to see the 400 mile range electric Teslas become a reality soon enough! We hope you will be there with us to see it.

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Tesla Scraps Plans for Smaller Cybertruck

Tesla CEO Elon Musk says they are not going to be developing a smaller Tesla Cybertruck in the end. He also said that although they seem to be leaving the idea right now they could develop it later on when the market is more global.

This comes after Elon Musk said at the unveiling of the Cybertruck last year that they were thinking of making a smaller truck that would fit inside a regular-sized garage.

One of the biggest changes made to the Cybertruck this year was when Elon Musk said they had to change the design of the prototype of the Cybertruck to fit new regulations and design preferences.

Jay Leno Drives Cybertruck with Elon

If you haven’t seen the footage yet, it's quite amazing. Jay leno the famed American comedian and ex talk show host teased a small 1 minute clip of him driving in a Tesla Cybertruck with Tesla CEO and founder Elon Musk. 

In the video we can see that Jay himself is driving and we get to see angles of the car that perhaps not everyone has seen. The episode of “Jay Leno’s Garage” is also said to include footage of the Tesla Cyberquad - the ATV. 

For us Tesla fans this is all exciting stuff as we get new and great content about products that we can’t wait to see on the road. 

In the quick video Elon details the toughness of glass that the Cybertruck is built with, and that the side doors are bulletproof to a handgun. The car itself driving on the road does still seem something out of a science fiction movie. 

The release of the Cybertruck supposedly at some point in 2021 would mean that Tesla would at that point start to compete in a market where electric vehicles haven’t been introduced properly. 

The Tesla cybertruck will for the rest of our lifetimes turn heads, until competition starts copying it and trying to appear the same. We can’t wait for further updates on this and all Teslas and will be waiting for this episode of Jay Leno’s garage to release! 

We hope you join us too in watching Elon speak some more about Tesla and any upcoming news he’s willing to share.

Here is the video from CNBC:

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Tesla's Berlin gigafactory road base complete

Tesla's new gigafactory located in Berlin seems to finally have completed the roads for its new building. According to new aerial drone footage uploaded by the youtube channel ‘Tesla Grünheide’, it shows a wide open landscape with before and after footage. Last week the terrain was only dirt and wilderness but this week there are roads and bulldozers on site. 

Progress of the build can indicate that they are preparing to build the new foundations soon. This would be on pace to Tesla's ambitious claim that they want to have the gigafactory built by July 2021. When completed it will be Tesla’s first European gigafactory, paving the way to having faster production and deliveries in Europe and the United Kingdom. 

According to Elon Musk's Tweet, the factory will build batteries, powertrains, and vehicles, starting with the Model Y. 

Tesla FSD price keeps getting raised

Elon is claiming that the full cost of FSD for his Tesla vehicles will be around $100,000. He recently caused some turmoil on twitter announcing that he was raising prices of his Full self driving by another $1000. 

Given that the software isn’t exactly autonomous driving at the moment, Elon’s reason for raising the price to up to $100,000 would show that Full self driving would be a perfected full self driving vehicle. Capable of taking you from point A to point B. 

So what exactly can the autopilot feature do at the moment? It can center a Tesla in a lane, adjust the speed of the vehicle based on any near vehicles. Additionally it can recommend to switch lanes depending on the speed of vehicles. 

However all of this is dependent on the state of the roads that you are driving on. If the markers on the roads are missing or for some reason invisible, Autopilot won’t be able to complete these tasks. Nonetheless when all the variables are there for the autopilot to work properly, it can absolutely feel like the car is driving itself. 

We cannot forget Elon’s hopeful futuristic idea of his Tesla fleet being a “robotaxi” type taxi system. When your car isn’t in use, it can be used by other customers and drive itself from point A to point B and make you money while doing that.  

Musk has estimated that it could even make drivers up to $30,000 a year. Perhaps this is a bit of a high estimate, but we will have to wait and see. 

We hope to see the price go up, but only with the marginal improvements of the technology that Tesla is providing to its devoted customers. 

We will be here through all of it, and hope you will too. 

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Panasonic and Tesla could expand battery production agreements

Tesla has had a tough history with the production of its battery cells. The past few years have shown a troubled relationship between Panasonic and Tesla. 

With the unprecedented growth of the Tesla factory in Nevada also known as “Gigafactory 1”, it has become the largest producer of li-ion batteries in the world. 

Nonetheless Tesla still claimed that the Panasonic cell production was in fact restricting Tesla’s complete production of its Model 3 vehicle. 

Tesla was in talks of just moving to its own independent production of battery cells as they wanted to continue its growth, and hold its demand with continuous production of batteries. 

Panasonic we’re reportedly dropping their interest to continue working with Tesla in this manner as battery prices kept dropping, and they were as a result on track to lose money with the whole operation. 

Nonetheless Reuters came out with a report today that detailed Panasonic's CFO commenting on the subject with surprising optimism.  

‘We are seeing strong demand from Tesla’ beyond the Nevada plant’s current capacity of 35 gigawatt hours per year, Panasonic chief financial officer Hirokazu Umeda told an earnings briefing on Monday. ‘We are in discussions right now’ about expanding the plant’s capacity, he said. “ - Hirozaku Umeda. 

It seems that Panasonic is still interested in continuing to work with Tesla on their Gigafactory 1 in Nevada. 

What about the outcome of Tesla slowly moving to produce its own batteries? 

While there has been significant rumors of these actions coming into reality, we are forced to believe that the relationship between Tesla and Panasonic seems like a necessary one for both parties. 

We don’t believe that this relationship will go anywhere any time soon. 

Here is the complete reuters article:

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Tesla revises Model Y and Model 3 delivery dates after Fremont factory resume production

Tesla has reopened its Fremont factory after gaining approval from Alameda County. Tesla recently was involved in a legal battle regarding the reopening of the factory due to County restrictions. 

This was after the factory had to shut down due to the global pandemic and fears of safety risks due to workers basically working elbow to elbow. 

Just over a month and half after the original closing of the factory, Tesla have restarted production of their headline SUV, albeit slower than usual. Since not all workers are permitted back to the factory it will take a while before production is back to regular full capacity. 

After finally restarting production of Model 3’s and Model Y’s tesla has revised its delivery dates to the following:

Model 3 Prior Shutdown: 4 to 8 weeks  

Model 3 After Shutdown: 5 to 7 weeks

Model Y Prior Shutdown: 7 to 10 weeks
Model Y After Shutdown: 8 to 12 weeks

To view more details about this, view Electreks Article

Tesla next factory will most likely be built in Arizona

After doing our daily roundup of Tesla news to see what was going on in the on-going tension between Elon and the government of the state of california it seems that important actions have been taken. 

According to a source close to Eletrek, they have been informed that the next location for the Tesla factory will be Austin, Texas. The source also mentioned that the speed at which this factory was going to be built was going to be aggressive. 

As we mentioned in our last post Elon recently announced that there will be delays on production for the new roadster and these delays could also pushover to other models. 

This new Austin, Texas location could be the source of the highly anticipated Terafactory, which would start producing its own battery cells with Tesla technology through its engineers. 

The source also commented on the fact that Elon wants to move fast and make sure that this factory is built ASAP. 

Apparently the exact decision for the location hasn’t been decided yet but there are a few options available that Musk is now seriously considering. This new factory in Austin is planned to start production on Cybertruck and Model Y models. 

The speed of the construction will be very important to the output of the factory as Tesla is planning on having Model Y’s being finished by the end of this year. 

That would mean that hopefully by the end of 2021 the Austin, Texas factory could be producing cyber trucks. 

The speed of construction will be similar to that of the shanghai gigafactory, even though the plan for this factory will just be a general assembly. For that reason Tesla has a very fast timeline planned to be as effective as possible with the production of their new models. 

We hope that nothing gets in the way of Tesla's highly ambitious timeline, especially COVID-19, which already has caused quite a bit of turmoil in the Tesla world. 

We hope Elon can continue to pioneer in this space and keep growing Tesla to its greatest potential.

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Tesla near ready to launch million mile battery

Tesla is almost ready to launch their secret million mile battery that CEO Elon Musk was teasing investors with. This battery will allow electric vehicles to have the same profitability as petrol powered vehicles. This new application of the lower cost longer lasting battery is rumored to be starting only in China first, and will be available at the end of this year, or by the start of next year. 

The battery is being built by Chinese battery giant Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Ltd, and has been designed by top battery experts recruited by Elon Musk himself. 

Originally Tesla was going to hold an event in April to show investors the new technology, however Covid 19 had delayed the efforts until further notice. 

Read the full report here.

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Tesla Fremont Factory Reopens

In the strange times of Coronavirus, it seems like there is absolutely nothing going according to plan anymore. Trump's early evaluation of COVID-19 was clearly miss-guided and completely wrong. He was initially planning on reopening the US economy on April 12th even with all of his advisers recommending against it. 

It clearly hasn’t gone away as easily as he anticipated and has grown into a much bigger problem that anyone expected. The coronavirus has completely shut down the US economy and has put a lot of small and large businesses out of business. 

Many are saying that this is going to be complete obliteration of small businesses as we know it, and that they are going to be the ones that suffer the most. Nonetheless, depending on the continued duration of the global economic shutdown, big businesses might not be able to endure this either. 

Such is the case of Tesla, that has taken a massive hit to all of its plans and scheduled production of highly anticipated cars such as the Model Y, Cybertruck, and the new Roadster. 

Elon has had controversial things to say about the Coronavirus over twitter over the last few weeks and even most recently said he was going to move his factory from California to Texas as we mentioned in our last post

Elon has actually gone through and re-opened his Fremont factory in California. It seems that his movement to re-open is based on the fact that he considers he can keep his employees safe during work. 

He has said that he will do everything possible to make sure that health guidelines are being followed to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. 

Perhaps the most shocking thing that was mentioned in his twitter is the fact that if there was anyone to be arrested because of his decision that he would gladly be arrested instead of his employees. 

While some have had heated opinions of Elon’s decision in the past this is sure to ignite some hatred for the famed CEO. 

While it is great that the production of the Fremont factory seems to continue for the time being, he is perhaps not being the best example for all the people that look up to him, or that invest in him. 

If all businesses decided to do what he is doing, there would definitely be an increase in the spread of the virus and the lockdown would continue for another unprecedented amount of time. 

We aren’t aware of what decisions the state of california will take against Elon’s decision but we’re sure they won’t be lenient. While it is productive to re-open his factory, he could be putting people’s lives at risk.

Heres a link to the full article:

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Roadster could be delayed to 2022

Elon Musk, Tesla’s famed yet controversial CEO has made some public announcements on his recent appearance to Joe Rogan’s podcast.

On the podcast musk announced that deliveries of the new Tesla roadsters were not going to be starting until 2022 as resources will be mitigated to other more important projects. 

The Tesla roadster was first shown to the public in 2017 as an unexpected extra during the initial reveal of Tesla Semi. The event was one of Tesla's most popular events to date. Elon announced that the Roadster would be available in 2020. 

In Elon’s recent appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast the Tesla roadster was discussed among the myriad of other topics.

The Tesla CEO announced that the California based company was planning on prioritising the production of the Cybertruck before the production of the new Tesla roadster. 

Elon suggested that the roadster was the “cherry on top” of all Tesla vehicles and very much saw it like a last necessity. The new production date is supposed to start in 2021 which would mean that deliveries would start in 2022. 

All of this is dependent on a lot of factors that may in fact push the delivery date later such as Tesla workers inability to work because of corona. 

We hope to see Roadsters on the road sooner than later as this new car will change the way we look at electric cars!

Read the full article here.

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Tesla threatens to move its HQ out of California

Tesla is threatening to remove their headquarters out of California and filing a lawsuit against Alameda county. This is following Alameda county’s unwillingness to let Tesla factory reopen partially amidst lockdown rules. 

Following this dispute Elon says it will move it’s future projects to other states where lockdown procedures are not as stringent, "Frankly, this is the final straw. Tesla will now move its HQ and future programs to Texas/Nevada immediately," Musk tweeted. 

Tesla had planned on allowing a fraction of its workers back into the factories on Friday. However, Alameda county explained in a livestream that they would be violating the county’s rules.

Many are opposed to the idea of Elon Musk bringing Tesla out of California as it is the last automaker in the state. However, some are in favor of Elon leaving such as congresswoman Lorena Gonzales. Following this event, she tweeted, “F*ck Elon musk”. This tweet was met with immense backlash from diehard Elon Musk fans and Tesla fans alike. 

Here is the complete article.

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Buying an electric car in the UK in 2020 - The complete guide

It’s now getting to the point where we either own an electric car, or know someone with an electric car. Electric cars have developed from a long in the works pipe dream to a full fledged reality. 

But who is buying electric cars? Is now the best time to buy electric cars in 2020? What incentives does the UK government have for someone who owns an electric car?  Should I buy a second hand electric car? 

There are a great deal of variables to consider before making the important step. Today we’re going to take a detailed look at all the possibilities and scenarios you must consider before taking the leap with an electric car. 

We’ll go through a set of questions you should ask yourself before buying an electric car and what the 10 best electric cars to buy at this point in April of 2020. 

Finally we’ll explore second hand options within the electric car niche and find out that there are great deals that shouldn’t be overlooked. We’ll take a special look at used Tesla listings as those are where the greatest deals can be found! Let’s start! 

The advantages of switching to an electric car or a crossover are quite obvious. The main would easily be the complete reduction in emissions. We should also include the lower maintenance and operating costs. 

Yet, the experience of owning an electric car is a completely different animal than owning a petrol powered car. Here are things you should consider before diving in. 

Electric vehicle charging on street

How often are you driving? 

This is often one of the greatest setbacks that people find with buying a new or used electric car. They are worried about the range an electric car will have and as most petrol powered believers comment on “What if your car dies on a long trip?”. 

While these questions used to be limiting factors when purchasing these types of cars, the reality is completely different in 2020. 

If you live in a city and your main use for your car is short commutes to and from work, buying an electric car would be a fantastic alternative to a petrol powered car. 

All you need to do is find out where your public chargers are in your area and what type of charging speeds you can take advantage of. Making sure you recognise the distances and how long it would take you to charge is about all it takes. 

You can easily charge up on your way home from work after stopping at a supermarket to get some groceries, or while you hit the gym early in the morning. Depending on how populated your local area is with chargers you can easily take advantage of it all. 

If you happen to have a longer commute then finding a charger location that is closer to your work would be the best case scenario. Leaving it charged in while you’re at your job would be an easy way to get a much needed charge. 

There are a variety of business parks that offer plug-in solutions all across the UK.

Most of these allow you to charge with a simple tap of a credit card, definitely make sure you’re informed about all your charging options acknowledging how much you drive on the daily before making the decision. 

Long Distances

If you’re planning on driving any type of long distance then you must take into account all the possible charging stations throughout your drive. 

This isn’t too different from petrol powered cars, depending on how remote your drive becomes finding a petrol station will also be problematic. 

Nonetheless you have to be more careful with electric cars to make sure that you don’t start your trip without knowing that you can stop for a charge if needed. 

Many electric car manufacturers have made sure to include all publicly available charging systems within their navigation system. 

This allows the driver to not worry about charging options as you can easily add the available charging network to your trip. 

Tesla has gone a step further and included how many chargers are available at that exact moment, and how many are offered. 

Tesla Model S

Tesla’s navigation system will also recommend how long you should charge at each station along your drive and how much range you will have left on your car as soon as you hit your destination. 

It is important to note how much farther ahead Tesla is of its competitors in some aspects of the electric vehicles in general. For starters Teslas are to this day the safest option in terms of range in an electric car. 

The Model S Long Range is supposed to give you an estimated 380 miles. This estimate is all dependent on your style of driving, the weather and of course the traffic you face on your trip. 

Nonetheless having anywhere near 300 miles of range is a significant amount of distance to be covered. 

It is often recommended to take driving breaks and stop every 100 miles when driving in general. Reaching a charging station and resting for some time while your car is charging its batteries isn’t necessarily a massive set back.  

Being realistic and planning your trip out properly before starting it is recommended on any vehicle, but taking extra precautions at this point in time is a necessity for the current reality of electric cars in the UK. 

It is also important to note that the infrastructure of public charging networks will continue to improve over time, so consider it an investment for the near future. 

Charging at Home

There are a couple of options for charging at home that we should also consider when taking into account all the options of range. The simplest thing you could do is take your charging cables and plug into the standard UK socket. 

This is the most convenient and without a doubt the easiest however it is also the slowest of all options available. Depending on the size of your battery this could easily take more than 6 hours depending on the size of your battery. 

Nissan Leaf Home Charge

Then we have to consider the more efficient at home charging station that you can purchase. The fast-charging option at home will need to be installed and will require a certain amount of space that not everyone may have. 

It is important to note that the UK government has announced an essential subsidy that will cover up to 75% of costs of installing the charging point in your residence. 

This is a significant feature that pushes us to think that an at home fast-charging station may be the best option and the most convenient solution for those that have the space. 

How long does it take to charge an electric car? 

The speed of the charge is fully dependent on how many kW (kilowatts) the charger can fulfil and how many watts your car can receive. 

Let's compare the different options that are available for charging at home. 

  1. Slow Charge (Convenient) - This rate would be around 3kW and would be equivalent to plugging your car into the standard UK socket. 

To fully charge your car in this scenario from an empty charge could easily take around 9 to 12 hours. It is extremely convenient, you can get home and leave your car charging overnight and have it ready for the next day. 

  1. Fast Charge (Some extra costs) - This rate would be around 8-23 kW and would be equivalent to purchasing your own wall connector. This could take up to 4 hours for a full charge. 

The difference in time is extremely notable and depending on the circumstance yet it seems that the fast charge is almost always preferred. 

How do these speeds compare to public charging stations? Most public charging stations have rapid charging which charges compatible cars up to 50kW. 

This means that if your electric car is compatible with rapid charging you could charge ⅘’s of your battery in around 30 minutes. 

We must also consider the stark difference that we can find in a Tesla supercharging network.

Tesla superchargers are popping up all over the country and you can reach up to 150kW in charging speed. This is a significant increase to regular public chargers and can dramatically change the pace of your trips. 

The options are pretty clear, the main thing that needs to change when purchasing an electric car is our perspective on how we refuel. Instead of driving and putting petrol every time our car advises us we are low on petrol, we are instead planning and being efficient with our charging. 

You would have to be conscious of all charging locations, and make sure to plug in at home if possible. For trips you would have to be more cautious and be patient with slower charge stations. 

Apart from these tiny setbacks the advantages clearly tower over the disadvantages and in terms of range and charging it makes complete sense to purchase an electric car in 2020 in the uk. 

Will the government help me if I decide to buy an electric car?

The government is currently offering 35% off for the new purchase of an electric car up to £3,500. This has recently been discounted by £1,000 from the initial subsidy that covered up to £4,500 for new low emission cars. 

Is this significant enough to curve you to purchase a new electric car? It all depends on your budget and what type of electric car you were thinking of purchasing in the first place. 

Nonetheless any financial help in this scenario will hopefully incentivise consumers enough to go through with the switch. 

When we also add this to the fact that the government will also subsidise up to £500 in installing private home charging stations, we see that the UK government is really pushing to have a reduction in petrol powered cars. 

Additionally, it’s important to note that the Government is planning to add a ban on the sale of new diesel, petrol and hybrids by the year 2035. What this means is that the government is leaning towards fully switching to electric cars within the next 15 years. 

This means that subsidies will definitely improve over time, as well as the connection of superchargers and everything related to electric cars. As more suppliers enter the market things will become cheaper and will perform better. 

This sparks the question of when is the best time to buy a new electric car? The financial times commented that now might be the worst time to buy electric cars, as many companies are still just starting off with their new electric cars. 

Does it make sense to wait a few years after more significant technological changes have developed and you can reap those benefits? Most likely, but the question of buying an electric car at this moment means that you’d buy a car that could still be functioning and performing at a high level in the next 5-10 years. 

For us at usedteslaworld unfortunately our opinion is that only the Tesla models are at that current level. 

Price of owning an electric car?

One of the main advantages behind buying an electric car is the reduction in general costs of maintenance and running costs. 

According to edfenergy, “on average an electric car will cost £2 for every 100 miles you drive, while the petrol equivalent would be £11.60.”

Now, what about the initial cost of purchasing an electric vehicle? How does it compare to a petrol or diesel car? 

A study by Vantage Leasing found that going through with buying an electric vehicle can be up to 18% more expensive on average. This is mostly as a result of the still high price of manufacturing the electric motor and batteries.  

Over time once more competitors join and batteries are produced at a bigger scale hopefully the price of manufacturing batteries goes down with the general price of cars. 

What about insurance for my electric car?

According to they found that the average cost of insuring an electric car is upwards of £1250. 

When we compare it to the non electric car insurance price of £790 we see that insurance for an electric car can be almost 1.5x the price of non electric cars. 

When we talk about general maintenance of an electric car, we know that they are cheaper than petrol and diesel cars. This is simply because of the fewer moving pieces and the greater simplicity of the engine and battery. 

Nonetheless always make sure you do proper research to be informed and know exactly what type of maintenance your electric vehicle needs. 

Top 10 best electric cars to buy in 2020

Finding the best electric car to buy is often complicated due to the continuous amount of new cars that are unveiled. Not being sure if now is the right time to buy a car depends on the type of car that is available and the features that it offers you. 

We’ve gone through and found for you our top 10 electric cars to buy in 2020 to help you understand all of the similarities and differences between these cars. We hope this list helps you be better informed when making your decision about buying your electric car! 

Tesla Model 3 - £38,000

The Tesla Model 3 is the fourth edition of Tesla vehicles and perhaps the most well-rounded in terms of price, performance, and safety. Buying the basic Model 3 package claims to have around 250 miles of range and 0-60mph in 5.3 seconds. 

The Model 3 also includes Autopilot which allows it to take some pressure off longer trips that you may choose to do with your Tesla. If you’re looking to spend a bit more money as you’re looking for more performance or range you can certainly do that. 

Tesla Model 3

Tesla sells a dual-motor version that has a greater range of up to 330 miles and has an incredible 0-60mph of only 3.2 seconds. This is a 5 seating, family car that could easily race against any compatible sports car like the Mercedes AMG GT S. 

An unbelievable car that you can get for a starting price of £38,000 along with its connectivity option with Tesla's supercharger network across Europe. This is for us the best electric car in the market in terms of performance, price, technology and charging capabilities. 

Feel free to check our listings to find used Tesla Model 3 listings going for great prices. 

Jaguar I-Pace - £65,000

Jaguar’s release of the I-Pace has rivalled the long deserved dominance of Tesla. You can find the basic version of the I-pace going for a steep £65,000.  

This all electric SUV sets quite impressive 0-60mph times hitting 4.5 seconds. The jaguar I-pace has a very spacious and luxurious feel to it with a more busy interior than the extremely minimalistic Tesla vehicles. 

The jaguar includes self-raising suspension, all wheel drive and an incredible amount of torque to push you off-road if you decide to step off the beaten path. 

Jaguar I-Pace

With an estimated range of around 290 miles, this car will serve both for short commutes and longer drivers. Just remember to plan for a charge at some point! 

It comes close to Tesla's innovative interior tech allowing it to be partnered with a jaguar mobile app for more functions of the vehicle. 

Functions that are incredibly useful such as checking that your doors are locked, or heating your car before you even head outside. 

This electric car is a perfect demonstration of British manufacturers putting their maximum effort into building a performance SUV that is ready to compete with the industry leaders. 

While this will not be the electric car that is on everyone’s mind it is important to note that now at least buyers will have the choice of different price points, from a variety of manufacturers with yet still a high level of performance. 

This is exactly what we need to see out of manufacturers to make sure that customers are excited about making the switch and that the options they have are competitive and relevant. 

Nissan Leaf - £28,000

Nissan really developed an industry changing car with its Leaf electric car option. They’ve recently passed the unimaginable 400,000 cars sold for the most sold electric car in history. 

The Japanese company was one of the first big manufacturers to bet big on electric vehicles and their simple and reliable Leaf model has paid off big time. 

The price tag of £28,000 allows for the version 2 of the leaf to have around 240 real world miles for range with some of the cheapest charging rates. A significant drop in range but this car is meant for shorter trips like a short commute to work. 

Nissan Leaf

The design of the Nissan Leaf isn’t the most attractive of the group yet it does have it’s true believers that stand behind it. It is quite spacious and will easily seat 5 with space left in the boot for any type of luggage you have. 

The interior has a similar feel to a Toyota Prius with a lot of plastic, nonetheless with a significant amount of new tech that is more than apt for an under £30K car. 

This new tech includes a 360 degree camera that helps you park as well as “ProPilot” driver assistance which shows Nissans style of almost autonomous driving. 

So how does it perform? Okay. But that's also okay, not every car needs to have a 0-60mph under 4 seconds. The Nissan leaf is a comfortable electric car that is reliable and that can seat a family for under £30,000. 

It’s still important to state that it does its 0-60mph in between 7 and 8 seconds. It also has a drastically different level of torque in comparison to the two cars above it coming in at 340Nm. 

While it isn’t the best electric car that you can get on the market right now, it is practical and has a fantastic value for your money. It also depends on your current situation, not everybody is looking for a Jaguar I-pace, and not everyone is comfortable in buying a car from a new company from California. 

The Nissan Leaf is a safe bet for those wanting a practical electric car that gets them to and from short commutes and doesn’t have a negative impact on the environment. 

Audi E-tron - £60,000

We couldn’t have imagined a car list without including the german giants Audi, and this list wouldn’t be any different. The Audi E-tron has brought in a different level of competition to the electric SUV market. 

Very similar in build to the Q5, it has a heavy frame with an approximate 250 mile range. A significant difference from the competing I-pace which has up to 290 miles of range. It weighs around 2500kgs and will hit 0-60mph in just under 6 seconds. 

It seems like this SUV has it all, yet, in comparison to what is readily available with industry leaders such as the Model X, the Jaguar I-Pace it doesn’t have a winning edge. 

Audi E-tron

Audi has reportedly spent a massive £2 billion in costs to develop this new side of the Audi vehicle line. It seems like Audi has spent all that money to make sure that they are still a player in this emerging market. 

Audi’s interior has maintained the same top of the line standard that we’ve seen in its previous vehicles and has not dissappointed. 

The price tag for the E-tron starts at around £60,000 having the possiblity of adding any customizations that come along with a regular Audi vehicle. An important feature that i’m sure you’ve read elsewhere are the disappearing side mirrors. 

Audi’s innovative idea has removed the need for side mirrors and they have instead installed a high tech camera that basically shows live video of what you would see if you looked at the mirrors. 

This was done to remove any option of blind spots and to improve your driving experience. Nonetheless, it might be hard to get used to as the new screen is closer to where we've been trained to look at for so long. 

There has been a variety of levels of push back because of Audi’s decision but luckily they have made it an optional extra which of course you will have to pay for. 

All in all it seems like Audi just needed to make sure that they were in the market to fight for a chance at some type of domination of the electric car space in the future. Developing the Audi E-tron is a positive statement by the german company but it does not prove dominance over Tesla in any way, shape or form. 

Similarly to the comment about the I-pace perhaps not everyone is looking to spend over £60,000 on a new electric car, yet it is good for us consumers to have these options readily available. 

Kia e-Niro - £33,000

The Kia e-Niro is a close competitor of the Nissan Leaf. Coming in at a humble £33,000 for a practical and reliable family car. This will be, along with the Nissan Leaf, one of the cars that make it commercially accessible for people to buy electric SUVs. 

The e-Niro comes, much like other electric vehicles, with its own standard 3-pin plug for the UK socket. The only problem is that it could take up to 24 hours for a full charge from empty to occur. 

You might be better off finding public charging as the Kia accepts up to 100kW, which could charge your car from 20%-80% in under an hour. 

The Kia e-Niro is completely connected to Kona Electric, the Hyundai version of its electric cars. This makes for an astonishingly practical family car that is trusted by the electric car community. Both Kona and E-niro are basically the same cars as they share the same motor, battery and platform. 

Kia e-Niro

While both of these are front-wheel drive we wouldn’t recommend selecting this car if you’re looking for a car that is meant for off-road travel. Nonetheless this is a practical, comfortable and easy to use electric car that is perfectly built for families. 

Possibly the most important point to talk about in this car is its significant range. The E-niro has up to 290 miles of range which can all be influenced depending on what settings of the car you have it on, the temperature outside and among many other variables. 

Hitting nearly 300 miles of range is a magnificent advantage to purchasing this well-rounded vehicle.  This will be one the biggest things that will draw you to this vehicle from Kia. 

The interior is simple and well-thought out to be completely comprehensible as soon as you sit in. Often feeling a little plasticky and cheap, must buttons and knobs are exactly where they should be and that’s just how we like it. 

This hatchback is built with only one out of the factory purchasing option that includes leather, heated seats, all the technology you need with an adaptable 8 inch display. There is plenty of space for a family of 5 and plenty of room in the trunk as well. 

This is one of the best options in terms of finding an affordable long-range electric car and is a fantastic option for those searching for a new car that is electric and can fit a large family. 

Kia has done a fantastic job and similarly to the Kona Hyundai model they have brought feasible and affordable options to families that are not willing to spend more than £50,000 on an electric SUV. 

They’ve done such an incredible job and have underestimated the demand that comes with an affordable family electric SUV that they’ve actually sold out of their E-niro batch in the UK. The same goes for its sister company Hyundai who also sold out of its almost exact replica in the Kona. 

We can’t wait to see what they have in store for us in the future in continued developments of these vehicles! 

BMW i-3 - £35,000

First released in 2013 in the UK, BMW was one of the first giant manufacturers to make the switch to making fully electric cars. This quirky looking car seems to be specifically built for those looking to drive short commutes within a city. 

The initial range was significantly limited in comparison to other worthy contenders of this list, however has since been improved with new battery technology. This new tech will bring up the range to around 190 miles on one full charge. 

It’s still essential to mention that the estimates of range always change depending on your driving style, the temperature, among many other variables. Many customers report having around 130-160 real world driving miles of range, a drastic difference from any other car on this list. 

If you’re looking for a car with real range we would definitely recommend looking elsewhere. Tesla has been the dominating force in terms of range for all electric cars. It is also worth noting that the fastest charging speed available for the i-3 is only 50kW. 

BMW i-3

BMW actually has a partnership with chargemaster which allows new i-3 owners to purchase private charging in their homes if they choose. 

The driving, and the performance of this car is what pushes it beyond other electric cars. Customers have said that this is one of the most fun electric cars to drive, and with a 0-60mph of around 7 seconds we can’t imagine it being any different. 

Power distribution in the i-3 is linear, with really stable steering wheel control on top of an incredible turning radius, and a very controlled suspension it is a perfect build for a city car. 

The interior is a staple of BMW cars and it wouldn’t be any different for this incredible electric car. The build of the i-3 is made to be as sustainable as possible as many of the plastic parts from inside are made from recycled plastics. 

With the available option of going for a more expensive i-3S model the basic i-3 will set you back approximately  £35,000.  There are many add-ons that you might want to take a look at if you decide on this vehicle, but of course they will cost you. 

In conclusion we find that this is a slightly older version of the newest electric car frenzy and that can be shown with its lack of range and tech in comparison to newer more advanced cars. 

Nonetheless the option is still there for anyone looking for a compact city car with great driving abilities. Just make sure to charge everywhere you go! 

Tesla Model S - £70,000

We know that the Model 3 is ranked first in our list and for a reason. It wouldn’t make sense to not include the Model S in this list as well as the Model 3 is basically a smaller, cheaper, and more improved version of the Model S. 

When the Model S was released, it set a standard for a new premium electric car that could perform in some cases better than normal petrol or diesel cars. Boasting the incredible connected Tesla supercharger network charging this car won’t ever be a problem. 

In its most powerful form, this Tesla model can do 0-60mph in under 3 seconds, an absolutely ridiculous figure. This places this luxury saloon in similar lists with the likes of Ferrari’s, Lamborghinis Bugattis, and McLarens. 

Yet while it’s being compared to these sports cars that are built specifically for their speed and dynamic movements, this is a luxury 5 seater with a claimed 400+ miles in range. Real world range would most likely be between 200-300 miles depending on what type of Model S you choose. 

The Tesla Model S includes additional features such as autopilot and a continuously updating software that allows for this car to be improving over time. 

Tesla Model S

The minimalistic design along with the extremely large touchscreen in the front makes you feel like this car belongs in the future. The interior is very spacious with high quality with heated seats and heated steering wheel.

Perhaps the only negative thing that we can take from this is how expensive it will be to get. Starting at a difficult  £70,000 , the Tesla Model S is the most expensive car on this list so far and probably for good reason. 

Given the incredible quality of its performance and stamina the Model S without a doubt set a precedent of the caliber that premium electric cars should be set at. If you’re looking to put some more money into your Tesla you can easily pump up its performance by spending at least  £100,000. Checkout all the details on 

If you’re looking for a premium electric car of this caliber, but with a smaller price tag, we also recommend looking at used Tesla’s. We have a large variety of used Model S’s on our site and have built a site exclusively to connect Tesla owners directly with buyers. 

Nonetheless if you like what Tesla is doing, you want to support the company and get yourself a Tesla we recommend the Model 3. In our opinion the best electric car you could get this year and half the price of the Model S, with similar performance specs. 

Porsche Taycan - £84,000

It did feel like we couldn’t forget about Porsche Taycan after raving about the Model S. These have been compared left and right. Until the release of the Taycan consumers were waiting to see how Porsche would react to Tesla's incredible performing cars. 

Through Porsche’s manufacturing of its Taycan, we can see that the German giant is taking bet on electric cars very seriously. 

When we’re comparing the top class of both models we find that Tesla is claiming to be just a hair faster in the 0-60mph but Porsche takes over Tesla in the 0-100mph race. The Porsche comes out to a reasonable £84,000 for a fully kitted electric beast.

Check out this incredible video that top gear made comparing both the Taycan and the Tesla Model S. Apart from the incredible drag race, they do a great job of putting both options into the correct perspective. 

The Taycan has a similar but smaller build to the Porsche’s Panamera model. With an extremely classy interior that is complete with a variety of screens detailing the status of the car and all of its available features. 

Space inside the Taycan is significantly smaller than the Model S both in terms of boot space and seating space for the people in the back row. 

In comparison to the Model S’s entertainment capabilities the Taycan may fall a little short. Nonetheless some may consider that is in fact Tesla that has gone beyond what most would want in their car, it all depends on your preferences. 

The Taycan’s immaculate body control makes it seem at times faster than the Model S even though speeds are very similar. This has to do with its incredibly balanced steering control even with a 2.3 tonne car. 

The Porsche’s range is slightly lower than the Tesla’s at around 280 miles, but has a more powerful charge capability reaching 270kW. This means that with the correct charging station the Porsche can charge from 5% to 80% in 22 minutes. 

An astounding feature that is nearing the capability of fixing the continuous complaints that non EV drivers have about charging electric vehicles. 

The comparison between the Porsche Taycan and the Model S are at times not fair given that they are very different cars. While the performance is the same, the mindset behind them is totally different. 

Depending on your perspective and how much money you are willing to spend on a performance premium electric car one will most likely stand out to you more than the other.

Honda E - £26,000

In the current world of electric cars, research is headed towards who can develop the longest range, or the fastest speed. As far as small electric hatchback cars go, there are plenty of options in the market that are commercially available. 

So why talk about another one like the Honda E? Because we really felt like we needed to give it a spot on our list for how incredibly practical it is. 

Apart from its futuristic sleek look that will make heads turn, its 35kW battery and its range of up to 136 miles, this little car is redefining our expectations of quality electric cars that are available to everyone. 

The interior is completed with plenty of screens detailing all the varying things you need to know about your current trip and it looks decadent. The steep starting price of £26,000 shows us that Hyundai is not playing around with this small car. 

Honda E

An incredible fun car to drive around, this small hatchback has very fluid steering and turning radius that would make other cars jealous. 

The notion of a small car having anything more than 200 miles of real range is at times unrealistic. Most people that own small cars realistically will be driving shorter distances and having a charging station at home will solve any problems in relation to charging. 

The Honda E is a car for short trips around a busy city or town. Installing a charger at home will be the solution to all your problems, especially if all you do is take it to and from work. 

This electric car will take rapid charges of up to 100kW and will charge up to 80% in around 30 minutes. 

It seems that the camera mirrors that we’re present as an add-on to the Audi E-tron are also a reality in the Honda-E. This is added to existing cameras that you can sort of flick on and off depending on the position of your rear view mirror. 

The camera side mirrors have brought up a lot of doubts and questions from customers. Things such as proper depth perception, how they will hold up over time, and what happens if they get damaged are all valid questions that current Honda-E customers are having. 

Nonetheless, it adds to the extremely futuristic and highly technical aspect of this small electric car. The two 12 inch screens that sit at the front of the Honda-E give it an extremely high quality customisable feel, as you can play around and set up whatever features you want displayed. 

Honda has done a great job of producing a premium small hatchback electric car for the masses and we will definitely see plenty of this on the road soon enough! 

Mercedes Benz EQC - £66,000

The last car on our list for Top 10 best electric cars to buy in 2020 is another SUV built by a german giant like Mercedes Benz. 

This electric car can easily be paired up of the likes of the Jaguar I-Pace and the Audi E-tron. An exquisite car that has blown past all of our expectations. 

With an expected range of up to 260 miles, this car has been built to be a very well-rounded car. Having the ability of taking you on longer trips while maintaining its capabilities of being quick and nimble around city settings and shorter trips. 

The price goes back up for this classy SUV starting at around £66,000, a usual price point for any type of Mercedes Benz vehicle. The EQC has a drastically smaller sized battery even though it can still charge at speeds of up to 110kW. 

Mercedes has connected this incredible EQC to a highly functional app that allows you to control car temperature and check its location remotely.  While Mercedes has developed a smaller battery for its EQC it still goes farther in real range than both the I-pace and the E-tron. 

Mercedes Benz EQC

This heavy SUV has an incredibly fast speed reaching 0-60mph in 5.1 seconds. It also has a powerful towing capability of up to 1800 kilos, which is quite good when considering its electric  capabilities. 

The automatic brake regen installed in this EQC adapts to your current situation and will become stiffer if there's a possible car closer ahead and will soften once there are no obstacles ahead. 

The steering of this Mercedes is very well built along with a relaxed, practical and comfortable drive. The interior holds its standard to other Mercedes models with an impeccable interior design and build. 

Its characteristic screens are also present giving the driver full control of all technical features in this car. 

This premium electric SUV is a fantastic option that rivals its close competitors: the I-pace , E-tron and Model X  for the best electric SUV in the current market. 

Should I buy a used electric car?

Many people choose to lean towards purchasing a second hand or used car instead of going through with a brand new purchase. Purchasing a vehicle will be one of the most expensive purchases of someone's life, so making sure that you get the best deal possible should be a priority? 

What do most people think about buying used cars? In 2019 alone the Uk used car market sold around 7.9 million used cars. This shows the true value that can be found in owning a used car. 

Most cars, unless they’re one of a kind, will depreciate instantly as soon as you drive off the car dealership. So does it make sense to look for good deals in the used car market? Absolutely. 

There are plenty of deals that often go unnoticed, and in the electric vehicle space these are the best deals available. Over time more of these deals will become available as more cars will go into production, and eventually more of these cars will be sold off to second hand buyers. 

Now is a great time to start investing in perhaps the first real era of performance electric cars finding great deals of Teslas, Jaguars and Kia’s. 

Status of the battery

The first thing you need to think about when buying a used electric car is the range that you will be needing. Depending on what model you decide to buy just know that any newer type of EV will usually have more range than any of the older models. 

Now the exact state of the battery in the used car will depend a lot on the status of the car itself. If the driver took good care of its car and its battery it should’ve been degrading at around 2% a year. Make sure to check the status of the batteries range. 

In the Nissan leaf there is an indicator that tells you how much battery range you’re losing over time. Depending on the exact EV model you have you might have to check with a dealer to help you look through the vehicle’s software. 

The possibility of replacing battery cells for a couple hundred pounds is absolutely true and you shouldn’t be too worried about having to spend thousands of pounds. 

Service History

Make sure to only go through with a purchase where you can be sure of its full service history. This service history will allow you to go through different software updates that the car has gone through. 

Going through the warranty and checking to make sure that it still be active on some parts of the car. One of the most important checks to go through is making sure that all the technology in the interior of the car works. 

In a car like the Tesla Model S, or any electric car for that reason make sure that the infotainment system works as more often than not these are the brain’s of your car. If you want to know the status of anything in your car it will most likely be through the infotainment system in the interior. Make sure that these systems are fully functional and go through and check all of the features to see it working in real time. 

Obviously checking for any exterior body damage to the paint or the structure of the car will be something evident to look out for. 

EV Dealers 

There have been plenty of electric vehicle dealers popping up all over the UK, and that’s great news. Many of these dealers are specialists in EV’s and can recommend the best options available for you. 

A simple google search will find the nearest dealer to you and they will surely be extremely helpful to finding your exact needs. 

Many of these dealers also ensure to set a standard of quality where the consumer is only getting a top quality second hand electric vehicle that they can be confident in buying.  

An added benefit to being able to visit these friendly dealers is getting to know the people in the close-knit electric vehicle community. People that are all drawn to the same belief that having an eco-friendly driving option shouldn’t be limited by performance, safety, and style. 

If you’re looking to try and drive an electric car there are plenty of options. Many dealers in the Uk will allow you to come test out the cars and see how you feel in them. Driving an electric car is a completely different experience than driving a petrol or diesel car. 

Making sure that you’re confident and comfortable in your electric car is perhaps one of the most important aspects of your purchase. There are cars that you unfortunately won’t be able to test out before buying them because of their release dates or the low availability. 

That is the case with many owners of Teslas around the UK that can’t afford to try out a Model as it has not come out yet. Such is the case with the highly anticipated Model Y that will begin deliveries in the UK over the year 2022. 

Buying a second hand electric car online

Given how new the electric vehicle market is, there won’t be enough EV dealers around every city or town in the UK. For that reason the EV online marketplaces have grown significantly over these last few years. 

There are plenty of free online marketplaces for all types of vehicles for sale and those include electric vehicles. The biggest names in the business are obviously auto-trader,, and many others. 

Here you can confidently look through all types of vehicle, filter through them by specific company that produces them, the price, model, and so on. These free marketplaces are great options to find all possible options available. 

Here at usedteslaworld we decided to build a small marketplace for Teslas exclusively. On our site you can find and contact owners that are selling their used Teslas. If you're looking to sell any Tesla parts you can also upload a part/accessory for free for the Tesla community to find.

On our marketplace, all listings are checked to make sure they pass a standard of quality that makes our customers trust us. We also don’t get involved with the sale of the car which means that you make the deal you want on your own terms without any pressure from us. 

Tesla owners value what their selling and buyers value the exclusivity that we provide them. We’ve seen incredible deals for all available models of Teslas on our site and we highly recommend you check out the current listings if you’re interested. 

Best used electric cars to buy in 2020 (Not in order)

It’s clear that we might have a slight preference towards Teslas, as we’ve seen incredible deals on our site for a variety of Model X, Model S, and Model 3. We’d like to start of this small list by quickly talking about buying a used Tesla. 

Model S

There are early versions of the Model S that can be found for £25,000, which is an incredible deal given the sophistication of the luxury saloon. Given that you still have a continuously updating software along with a connection to a complete supercharger network all over Europe. 

Just be sure to check on the status of the battery and how much it has degraded over time. 

Check our Model S listings to find great deals available. 

Model 3 

While this was recently released in the UK and there aren’t too many being sold on in the used vehicle market yet, and that is why they are such great deals. 

The used Model 3’s that you will find in the aftermarket will basically be relatively new used cars. You can find great deals that will sit you in a long range AWD performance model 3, which has incredible race car performance and will be cheaper than most. 

Buying a used model 3 for around £35,000 would be an incredible investment that will definitely pay off in the future with Tesla growing as fast as it is. 

Check out our complete used Tesla listings to see our latest Model 3’s. 

Model X

The Tesla Model X wasn’t mentioned earlier in the Top 10 electric cars to buy in 2020 and that’s because there have been cheaper alternatives that have showed up performing at a similar level. 

Nonetheless finding a second hand Model X would be an incredible deal. This SUV with race car performance is on par with all other Tesla models and should not be ignored. A new model X can easily go for around £100,000 and the chances of you finding one for under £70,000 is a real possibility. 

Definitely keep an eye out for dropping Model X prices as these will be an incredible family investment and the best family car you will ever purchase. 

Head to our listings to see all used Model X’s on sale. 

Nissan Leaf

The Nissan leaf 2.0 is already the most popular electric car ever, recently having hit over 400,000 in sales. This is one of the most reliable and practical electric cars available at this time. 

The even better news is that you can now find incredible deals for the Nissan Leaf even as low as £7,000 according to this article by the guardian. The fast charging in the later 24kW and 30kW batteries are a fantastic addition but will accelerate the depletion of battery capacity. 

You can find incredible deals for the Nissan Leaf on auto-trader (and other similar sites) and we highly recommend if you’re looking for a cheaper option this is it. The Nissan Leaf is a reliable, practical and extremely popular alternative to diesel or petrol cars. 

BMW - i3 

The same logic that we found with the Nissan Leaf is present with the BMW i-3. The quirky carbon fibre constructed BMW is a fantastic city car that drives extremely well. 

You can either love or hate the design but you can’t hate the fact that there are extremely good looking deals all over for this car. A new i-3 would set you back £36,000 while you can find good deals for used BMW i-3’s hitting lows of under £10,000. 

Getting a used i-3 would give you a performance electric vehicle with the capability of hitting 0-60mph in under 7 seconds. 

This is a fantastic option if you’re looking for a useful, complete city car that is extremely fun to drive and easy to take everywhere. 

These are just a few options that you could look into for the best used electric cars that are available to you. 

All in all it seems that the electric car bet is paying off and consumers are responding to all the innovations that manufacturers are bringing to market. The following years will be full of new tech that will improve the range, drop the price and make electric cars the new norm.

Let us know what you guys think about our guide by getting in contact with us

Is the Tesla stock really too high?

On Friday, May 2nd, Elon Musk went on a twitter rampage that put him on the trending page and on the eyes of millions of Tesla shareholders. He began his poetic outburst talking about selling all of his possessions, and ended with expressing his opinion that the Tesla Motors share price was currently too high. As a consequence, almost instantly the Tesla share price dropped from $760 per share to (as of writing this) $701 per share. 

That begs the rest of us to ask the question, is the tesla stock really too high? In this brief article I will explain why I believe it’s not, and also why it is.

To begin, Tesla is a growing company. It’s only recently they overtook Ford and GM with market value. As of right now Tesla’s value as a company is that of Ford and GMs, combined. It was only a few years ago when Tesla debuted in the stock market and everyone wrote them off as market losers and unsustainable. Also, Tesla’s stock rocketed up in the later stages of 2019, peaking at nearly $1,000 per share. While the value of Tesla’s stock seems to be completely made up of news trends and hype surrounding Elon Musk and his latest projects, Tesla still produces and manufactures electric cars. That of which still has to meet quarter earnings, and P/E ratios. These days it seems to be that the CEO’s twitter lunacy and legitimacy is backed by his exciting vehicles. 

On the other hand, we see that Tesla stock is in fact, too high. We can think of many companies who peaked their stock price and then never really went back to their highs. This might be attributed to pure trends, and market hype. While Tesla is currently the new and exciting company on the block, they are still at a rather early stage of their company. Also, we could deduce that their share price is too high due to their CEO, Elon Musk. He is an extravagant man with ties to many of his own companies, and also his own opinions. The fall of another one of his companies such as SpaceX could be detrimental to the stock of Tesla. This has been seen historically as one of Space X’s rockets blew up, the next morning Tesla shares were down by 5%. Five percent may not seem like much, but when talking about Tesla's volume in shares that is worth billions of dollars.

In conclusion, the share price of Tesla’s stock will continue to fluctuate dramatically. Until the foreseen future, we can assure that Elon Musk will be the head of Tesla Motors. While that is happening we can almost assure that as he keeps being an online celebrity, the security of Tesla’s share price will almost unequivocally be tied to his words. 

Elon’s Controversial Twitter Odyssey

It isn’t often that a company is exclusively represented by a single person. Many big brands actually make sure not to be represented by an individual and as such they can keep their unanimous success behind closed doors. 

There are other companies that haven’t been able or willing to do so. Companies that have grown as a result of their famous founders, and that get investors because of the leader of the company. 

Apple with Steve Jobs paints a similar picture. Jobs was an incredibly visionary that would push his employees perhaps farther than they would like to be pushed. Jobs was known for being at times tough on his employees and would only accept the best that they could give him. 

Even years after Steve Jobs has passed away, the thought of Apple and Steve Jobs are closely linked. With Elon Musk, Tesla’s famous founder and CEO it seems that it is the same way.

It is hard to not talk about Tesla without talking about Elon Musk. Elon is known for his unstoppable drive to make the change he sees in his head a reality.

Elon’s success throughout his professional career has not come without spurts of controversy. He was recently sued by the SEC and lost over a tweet he sent out to the world commenting on the fact that he had “secured funding” and playing with the possibility of his involvement with the manipulation of Tesla stock market price. 

Investors at times can be frustrated by Elon’s decisions and missteps. He was also seen on Joe Rogan’s podcast smoking marihuana which also drove the price of the Tesla stock down significantly. 

There are few famous CEOs and founders that have as much notoriety as Elon, and that is for good reason. The position of CEO and founder of a famous and upcoming company like Tesla is highly scrutinised. 

Many investors will critic the decisions of the CEO as they will easily assume that the behaviour of such an outgoing founder will likely represent the future and prosperity of the company they represent. 

Now is this correct? Perhaps, but perhaps not. It is true that at the end of the day Elon Musk is just another human like the rest of us. But knowing that in the past a set of actions you have taken has caused a negative effect on the market price of your public company should at least show some type of learning curve from the founder. 

Unfortunately, Musk recently had another misstep on twitter. He recently had a variety of sequential tweets where he was expressing certain disdain for the US government's decision to keep people in lockdown for the COVID-19 outbreak.

Later on Musk commented on the Tesla stock price and said that he thought it was “too high, in his opinion”. 

This can also be seen as him trying to interfere with the natural progression and growth of the Tesla stock in the public markets. Lowering the price for his benefit, for him to buy more and reap the growth later on. 

Should someone who has such an important role in what can be one of the most rapidly growing companies in 2020 be so open about their opinions? 

We will all have our own answers for that question, all we hope is that Elon doesn’t permanently damage the Tesla image and as such the impact that Tesla is causing in the world. It would be best if Elon kept those thoughts to himself at times.

Quick guide on how to buy a used Tesla on UsedTeslaWorld

Taking the step to finally buy the electric car of your dreams can be an exciting experience. In this brief guide we will give you the overview of the essential things you need to know, before entering the new and Tesla world.

On our site we showcase Tesla listings from all over the United Kingdom, where you can sort through all different options of used Teslas. We understand that the experience can be slightly overwhelming, so follow these simple and easy tips to make your new purchase a lot more coherent.

The first step in having a smooth and enjoyable experience on is making your proper research into what model, battery, and specs you are currently looking for. You can find out more information about the appropriate details of your desired Tesla on their official website: If you go to our Teslas tab, you will see all the recent Tesla listings. Here you can begin to view them from most recently posted to oldest. 

Click on the desired car you see fit to your standards, and view the header image, as well as the supporting images. If these images are to your liking then read all the details of the listing. More importantly, read the description of the listing, the seller should explain why it is that they are selling their Tesla. In other words, make sure the story adds up. 

Next up would be to contact them, if there's any more pictures you'd like to see, ask them to send you more! A fender looks odd in the listing images? Ask for a detailed shot! Find that the middle seat has a scratch you would like to get a better view of? Don’t hesitate to ask them about it. Find that one of the headlights could be wonky? Make sure they prove you wrong. 

Lastly, the ultimate thing you should do before purchasing your Tesla online is to visit them in person, if possible. If traveling is not an option for either the buyer or the seller we recommend at least trying some type of video call and having a thorough check with the seller through video call. While this option is definitely riskier, you will reduce the risk of getting lied to.

If you aren't familiar with Teslas we recommend you go through an online tutorial of how to do an in person inspection of the Tesla. Make sure you are exhaustive with your questions, you’ll only be able to ask them once. Once in person, check to see their sticker, or MPVA, the sheet which describes all specifications on the Tesla you are buying. The last thing would be to make sure that all the boxes are ticked and what they've advertised to you online is the same as what you're getting in person.

Finally, once you make sure all details are correct and you are comfortable paying the required amount all that is left to do is go through with the purchase. We wish you luck with this process and as always make sure to be 100% certain of any financial decision you choose to take.

In the case that you missed something and it needs replacing, don’t forget to head over to our parts page and find any item that needs replacing. 

Looking to sell your own Tesla? Head on over to the add new tab and begin your upload process.

Quick guide on how to sell on UsedTeslaWorld

Here at usedteslaworld we love hearing how quickly our customers were able to sell their cars. Our audience is strictly Tesla enthusiasts and as a result when your listing goes up it is being seen by a very specific group of people. 

That is what differentiates us from other free tools. We take pride in how we’ve been able to slowly build a Tesla exclusive audience and want to keep fostering that audience through the community that we build on our site. 

For that we need to make sure that our site is functioning at its best. Here are a few recommendations that we’ve found to be definite markers between successful and unsuccessful listings. 

  1. Be Honest 

This is perhaps the most important thing behind uploading your Tesla to our marketplace. Making sure that you are being completely honest with your listing and not making up any figures to make the car look more presentable. 

At the end of the day not being honest about your listing will simply cause more problems down the road. Having to confront a serious buyer about the fact that you lied about the mileage of your car or whether it has been in an accident, is a very serious matter. 

As we’re not involved in the actual sale or negotiation of the listing you will not be lying to us, but a hopeful buyer that is interested in what you’re selling. 

Be honest, and make sure that what you’re listing on the site is a reliable and accurate representation of what you actually own and are interested in selling. 

  1. Take many high resolution pictures 

High quality images ensure trust with the buyer.

Most online marketplaces selling physical products are visual first. For that reason we recommend prioritising taking high quality pictures of what you’re selling. 

Are you trying to sell your Tesla? Putting in a bit of effort into taking as many pictures as possible will lead to a significantly better performing listing. 

The simple action of cleaning a car (both inside and outside) before taking pictures will make a drastic change in the way you present your listing to our buyer community. 

Getting as many angles of what you're selling will show the buyers that you have nothing to hide and you are proud of the current state of your vehicle/accessory. 

  1. Be descriptive 

Our final little tip for all of our sellers is to be very descriptive about the item we are uploading to usedteslaworld marketplace. If you’re selling a car on our marketplace we recommend that you include every single specification that you decided to add to it. 

All of these add value and it would be your loss to not include all of those details. When answering the "Yes/No" section of the “Add a listing” form please add more information. 

For example if you answer "Yes" to still having warranty on your car, in the description add how long the warranty will last and what the conditions are. The more information you give the buyers the better they will be informed to make a decision on your listing. 

The less you decide to share, the longer the process of back and forth will have to be between you and a buyer. The more descriptive and more specific you are in your listing the better it will perform overall. 

We hope this quick selling guide has given you some pointers for the best way to upload a listing to UsedTeslaWorld. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions.  :)

The Tesla Maintenance Guide

Thankfully, due to the reduced amount of parts in Tesla cars compared to typical internal combustion cars, Teslas need very little maintenance. That’s great because not only are Teslas fantastic cars that help accelerate the change to sustainable energy, but on top of that, they don’t require a lot of maintenance!

Thankfully, Tesla cars don’t have to deal with spark plug replacements, oil changes, and other typical replacements from traditional internal combustion engine cars. However, they are still cars, and some level of maintenance should be expected. So what maintenance costs should you expect? 

Official Tesla Recommendations

Tire maintenance

Tire maintenance is one of those things you will never be able to escape when driving a car. The more you drive, the more your tires will wear out, and this will result in the need to bring it in for some tire service. Plenty of other factors will affect the wear of the tires, such as style of driving, road conditions, and weather conditions.

 The official Tesla recommendation is to “check your tires every 10,000 - 12,000 miles for rotating, balancing, and aligning needs”. This is definitely something you don’t want to skimp out on, as unbalanced or tires in poor condition can result in sup-optimal performance in braking, turning or accelerating.

Brake fluid

Regardless of being electric, Tesla cars still use brake fluid in their hydraulic braking system and hence the brake fluid needs to be properly maintained over time. As the brake fluid ages, it will slowly get contaminated over time, and this decreases performance in the braking system.

Apart from braking, important safety systems of your Tesla such as traction control, and ABS rely on having properly maintained brake fluid. The Tesla recommendation is to test brake fluid every 2 years and to replace whenever needed.


Teslas are equipped with a High Efficiency Particulate Air filter, HEPA in short. HEPA filters are used to filter out particles 0.3 microns or larger, with an efficiency of up to 99.7%. According to Tesla, this can keep out viruses, bacteria, and other nasty particles.

Debris and dirt particles tend to build up inside the HEPA filter, so they can lose effectiveness over time. This is why maintenance for HEPA filters is essential, to make sure the filter is working properly and protecting you against the adequate particles it’s supposed to. Tesla recommends replacing your HEPA filters every 3 years.

Check out our used parts to see if there are any air filters for sale. We've seen plenty in very good conditions.

If you haven't yet don't forget to check out all of our Tesla listings, to find great deals on second hand Teslas.

Other maintenance

Apart from the previously mentioned maintenance, some other usual wear and tear maintenance can be expected. Interior seat fabric can easily deteriorate over time and can need some fixing.

In addition, brake lights and headlights can naturally need some fixing or maintenance, as they will lose power or other complimentary parts will cease to work.


In conclusion we definitely recommend keeping an eye out on your Tesla’s maintenance. Ignoring the signs of maintenance could lead to bigger problems, and hence it’s always best to listen to the official Tesla recommendations.

Tesla’s role with the Coronavirus

It seems that the Coronavirus hasn’t left any untouched victims. Currently having reached more than 2.3 million cases and over 160K deaths, this is a situation that is clearly out of hand. 

Not only have the world governments and health organisations failed to correctly handle the situation, but they’ve put their populations at risk. 

The toll this will take on the economy is unfathomable. The number of bankrupt companies around the world has taken a sharp rise and will continue to rise the longer the pandemic lasts. 

The biggest problem is re-opening any country and having the possibilities of a re-growth in cases after people start moving and congregating again. This will cause an even more significant effect on the economy. 

The current US economy is really struggling right now and has taken a massive hit because of this pandemic. An even more significant hit has been noted in the unemployment numbers of the US. 

The last update to date has shown that 22 million Americans have lost their job because of the financial effects of the coronavirus. The rate of unemployment is nearing 18% of unemployment. 

This is a serious problem considering that the pandemic could keep the US closed for at least a few more months. Knowing this scenario president Trump is attempting to open up individual states again to try and boost the economy slightly. 

This could once again have a drastic effect on the lives of people that could be possibly getting infected over the next few months. The reality of waiting until a vaccine is tested and ready for commercial expansion is simply unfathomable for any world leader. 

Knowing the significant economic effect that the pandemic is having on their population is doubled by the potential loss of lives that could develop from freeing their economy. 

World leaders are undeniably in a quite complex situation attempting to balance their countries prosperity alongside with the health of their population. 

Elon Musk’s role in the coronavirus pandemic has been mixed. Starting off on March 6th, Elon tweeted that the “coronavirus panic is dumb”. 

This was before the US had any significant number of cases and the cruise full of Americans that were starting to test positive for the virus was becoming more commonly known. 

Elon had a similar reaction a few weeks later commenting that the biggest problem of the virus at that time was the panic that it was stirring up. The coronavirus panic left many supermarkets empty of basic necessities. 

Those who got to stores first got lucky while those who weren’t able were only increasing the panic as they weren’t able to get their hands on those coveted essentials. 

After having to shutdown the Tesla factories because of the possible risk of continual contamination, Elon offered his help to build more ventilators. 

He was in talks with the governor of NY as well as other states to build ventilators. Both Tesla and SpaceX had the equipment to easily build extra ventilators that he could provide for hospitals. 

Elon decided to re-open his giga New York factory to produce ventilators and to help the struggling hospitals. While the media loves to stir what Elon says through his uncensored twitter, Elon always shows that he is willing to help. 

He is tackling problems at a scale that very few others can, and can make an impact on anything he puts his mind to. Just another reason to buy a used Tesla and continue his incredible impact on this earth!

How Tesla’s Design Changed Over Time

The Teslas we know and love today are defined as the new and futuristic electric vehicle we’ve all been asking for. Their design can be defined as sleek, serious, but playful, however, how did we get to this point in time? How did Tesla define their brand image to be the new and wanted car to look out for?

To Begin we have to look back at the beginning of Tesla, the original Tesla roadster is an iconic piece of design that relates back to 2005.

Tesla Motors signed a production contract in 2005 with group Lotus to produce gliders. A full Lotus Elise minus the powertrain was roaming the streets as one of the first appealing electric vehicles of the 21st century.

After the famous Roadster was put out of action in 2010 Tesla hired infamous BMW designer Henrik Fisker. This partnership went on for years and was created so Tesla could develop a new and elegant family sedan.

However, months before everything was supposed to start Henrik pulled out of the deal and created his own car company, commonly known as Fisker Automotive. After a long legal dispute Henrik remained victorious, and his short lived Fisker Karma left a long scar in the Tesla lineup, dreaming of what could have been.

After the dramatic legal battle between Tesla and Fisker, Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, hired another famous designer, Franz von Holzhausen, the ex Mazda designer to create the new vision for the Tesla lineup.

As of today, Holzhausen has designed the Tesla Model S, Model 3, Model X, Model Y, Semi, second-generation Tesla Roadster, and the Cybertruck.

What does Holzhausen’s design look like? He created the Tesla lineup, the Model S is an inspiration of the Mercedes and BMW sedans, inspired from their elegant and sporty look.

Their low body to wheel ratio creates an attractive sport look, while their 5 seat arrangement creates for a perfect business-family car.

After their flagship car was a success, Tesla rolled out their next stage car, a lower priced car with a higher output, the Model 3.

The Model 3 sports a new and trendy look, with smooth exterior door lines, (character lines), and fast looking wheels.

At a lower price point of $40,000 the Model 3 is the perfect Tesla starter car for the average consumer. The Model X was their take on a Tesla powered SUV, with a large 7 seater capability, and a roomy overhead.

Whilst it’s an attractive car, it doesn’t just stop there, the Model X performance mode reaches 100mph in just 2.7 seconds!

That’s fast enough to compete with self proclaimed supercars like Lamborghini and Bugatti. All this, while costing half what other competitors ask for.

Recently, Tesla announced the Cybertruck. The Tesla Cybertruck took the world by storm in their first few weeks, being one of the most divisive vehicles of all time.

This was due to their intrusive sharp character lines and silhouette. Also, they botched their introduction by breaking their proclaimed “unbreakable” windows.

This created a media frenzy which encompasses the Tesla brand in one swift moment, shocking, new, and disruptive.

Overall, the Tesla brand is the new disruptive car company on the block.

Featuring attractive electric cars never seen before, new technology capabilities, longer batteries, and lower price points. Tesla will be a player for years to come in the electric car scene.

Well see you guys soon on another blog from us at UTW.

Tesla Autopilot - How do we feel about it?

The Tesla autopilot has been in the news more often that we’d like recently. Worse than that, it has been in the news because it is being blamed responsible for another deadly crash in a Tesla car.  So what exactly do we know about what happened, and what are news outlets just deciding to take down Tesla given the momentum.
What we know: The car crash took place initially in 2018, and it is back in the news because the NTSB - the national transport and safety board in the U.S. has had the hearing and put partial blame on the driver for playing a video game during his drive, when he put auto-pilot on. The car mistook a recently changed road for the main road and drove itself into a pylon on the side of the road. This killed the driver and has had an alarming backlash on Tesla.

The NTSB blames Tesla stating that the autopilot is to some extent a Beta test of a full-proof Autopilot and that people should be careful. They are also stating that people using the Autopilot feature on their Teslas are basically behaving as testers for the software and that they should always have their hands on the wheel. Tesla does acknowledge that their autopilot is still safer than drivers manually driving their cars, and that’s as much as they’ve commented on their incident.

In my personal opinion we know that these cars are incredible pieces of engineering. Yet am I going to fully turn my eyes off the road when i’m putting my car into autopilot at any time? Will I just ignore the road when I have my family in the car? Absolutely not. At the end of the day I think it is up to us drivers to realize that these cars will be improving over time but the risks we take should be acknowledged. It is also important to note that the driver had commented on the fact that the car kept steering in that direction around 4 days before the crash. Given that the driver knew that and still kept on playing on his phone and not paying any attention to the road seems like there could’ve been more done on his part to avoid the accident.

It is always sad to hear of such tragic news, and makes us doubt the choice of car that we decided on. That is understandable to some extent, but we still need to realize that these are the safest cars out there, and that we’re not looking into how many lives it's saving. I am completely content with my decision and will not waiver in my absolute support for Tesla as a company. I have been driving their cars for almost 2 years now and have enjoyed every minute of it. They are making the best cars the world has ever seen in every and all aspects of it.

Once again, if you’re looking to buy or sell a used Tesla, we are the UK’s exclusive Tesla online marketplace. Our aim is to make the process of finding a used Tesla in the UK. Till next time!

Model X doesn’t make sense (Speed & Safety)

In all honesty, the Tesla Model X doesn’t make any sense. How can you have an up to 7 seater SUV that goes from 0-60mph in 2.7 seconds? How in the world has that become a possibility? Sit in a Model X P100D with ludicrous mode on, and this car will speed past the Lamborghini URUS, Porsche Cayenne Turbo, Bentley Bentayga W12, Mercedes-AMG GLC 63S, and many others. It is an unbelievable piece of engineering that has blown other carmakers out of the water.
As of late 2019, the Tesla Model X is the second-fastest SUV in the market according to TopGear, only being beaten by the Jeep Grand Cherokee  Trackhawk. SUVs are more often than not considered family cars, and picked for their safety and spaciousness. This alarming speed on a family SUV makes consumers wonder whether Tesla jeopardized the safety of its SUV purely for its speed.

Unfortunately for other car companies, the exact opposite happened. The Tesla Model X was the first SUV to receive a perfect 5-star crash test safety rating. SUVs are in most cases considered safer than regular sedans because of their size. Every extra bit of size that gives the driver any space between them and the colliding vehicle is always a benefit. This size comes at a significant disadvantage, due to their high center of gravity, most of these SUVs roll over easily. A car rolling over at high speeds can easily eject a passenger and can cause serious damage.

According to business insider, rollovers in 2016 only occurred in 1% of accidents but caused for ⅓ of collision-related deaths, an absolutely staggering number. Because of the low positioning of the battery pack on the underbelly of the Model X, the center of gravity of the car is way lower than other SUVs. This makes the Model X the safest car in the market for roll-overs. In other safety aspects of Tesla’s in general, because of the “Frunk” or front trunk, there is an additional empty space to absorb more energy from frontal collisions.

Finally, we can’t forget the specially constructed side sills and pillar structures to reduce the impact of passengers in the event of a side collision. The Model X is considered the safest SUV ever tested and we forgot to mention their collision avoidance system and automatic emergency braking. So there we have it, the second-fastest SUV in the current 2019 market, and at the same time, it is the safest SUV ever tested? Once again, this car doesn’t make any sense.

To make it even more extraordinary, Tesla has only been around since 2003. Tesla isn’t even 20 years old and they are leaving all other carmakers behind. There are a plethora of incredible characteristics of the Model X that we didn’t go into, that we will save for another blog. We just wanted to briefly touch on speed & safety, just to highlight two basic topics that show how much better Tesla is than other cars. ;)

Model Y - Wheres the hype?

With all of the Model 3’s that we’re starting to see on the road and online, we know that the model 3 was a for sure top-selling sedan. It has risen in the charts as one of the most preferred cars in recent months. Nobody is truly surprised given how great all the specs are, especially in relation to the price! Tesla has done it again and for that, we are so excited to continue to be a part of the movement and supporting them the whole way through.
Now, in my opinion, I don’t know if we are talking enough about the Model Y. The Model Y is supposed to be an SUV version of model 3 and a slightly smaller version of the Model X. From the release earlier in 2019 we see that it is literally a perfect merge between the two models. With all of the buzz surrounding the Model 3, it seems like the Model Y has gone a bit unnoticed. Tesla announced that they will be delivering the higher end Model Y’s before any other versions of it as those are the most expensive and as a result the more margin-rich vehicles for them. The first cars to be delivered will be the performance version, followed by the Long-range dual-motor AWD, followed by the Long Range and finally the Standard Range which is expected to be delivered starting in 2021.

This Model Y is interesting because as we know in the US best selling SUVs usually outsell the top-selling cars, and for that reason, we think that Model Y as a small SUV can easily be a top seller. The model Y is equipped as a 7 seater, but from the demonstrations of people test driving them and even the initial unveiling of the car those 2 people in the back looked quite crammed. Unless you are traveling with smaller people, or children those 2 back seats might not be the most comfortable. Nonetheless, the design is, as mentioned before, an exact hybrid of both the Model X and Model 3, as it even shares parts with the Model 3.

I am quite excited about the interior, which is similar to Model 3. The all-glass panoramic roof that gives an incredible view of the sky and gives a bigger sense of headroom. The “Frunk” or front trunk is supposed to be a little deeper and larger, and the ride height is a little higher than the Model 3. The Model Y is a hatchback and will have an automatic rear liftgate which is fantastic and absolutely essential in my opinion. One of the main differences that we find is that the shiny chrome pieces that we see around the outside of the doors of the Model 3 won’t be there for the Model Y and they will all be a matte black type colour. The interior display is quite similar to the Model 3, so no surprises there.

The Model Y was recently spotted out in the snow, which is important given that they should always be testing for cold climates. The Model Y also very recently received its CARB certification in California meaning that the delivery of its initial stock could be earlier than anticipated! For reference, the first batch of Model 3’s was delivered in the US 25 days after its CARB certification was given. This is great news for us in the UK as the sooner they start delivering the cars in the US, the sooner we’ll get them here! We get closer every day to receive our Model Y’s!

Cybertruck Release! & (Model S vs Model 3).

We’re writing this blog the morning after the release of the Cybertruck in late 2019. Maybe when you’re reading this the Cybertruck is already a commonality on the road. For right now though, the world is still shocked at the audacity and the “balls” that they had to design something different. Yet as I was commenting on the design and all the figures of the Cybertruck with my friends, it made sense to me that this instead got us talking about the car and made us interested because it was so different.
If we look at all of the top-selling pick-ups in the current US market we know that they are basically the same car, with a different brand behind it. Taking a look at this quick list made by Carmax of the 12 best pickup trucks in the North American market we see that each pick up looks remarkably alike. In my humble opinion, we believe the Cybertruck was made to stand out, just like the rest of their cars. The other cars stand out more in terms of performance, safety yet they have a more subtle design. Yet this Cybertruck stands out in all of its facets and for that reason, we are still talking about it a day after it was announced.

Now that we have the full range of cars from the initial Model S, to the incredible SUV Model X, the roadster and the extremely popular model 3 and incoming model Y Tesla’s offering of electric substitutes has an incredible range of options. The Model S is designed as a luxury executive sedan similar to a Lexus GS, Audi A6 or Mercedes E-Class. With the steep price starting at £77,200 you can choose between Long Range: AWD, 335 miles, 0-60mph in 3.7 seconds, or Performance: AWD, 315 miles, 0-60mph in 2.4 seconds, both come with Autopilot as a guarantee. While Tesla claims that the Model S is a full-size luxury sedan, the actual measurements (around 30cm short of a full-sized) of the car make it a midsize luxury sedan. Nonetheless, when comparing the price of this “full-sized” sedan for the performance of the car, we see that the Model S is a clear choice.

Model 3 was made as a result of a cheaper alternative to the Model S in 2016. This four-door sedan currently comes in three varieties: Standard Range Plus: RWD, 240 miles, 0-62mph in 5.3 seconds, partial premium interior, Long Range: AWD, 310 miles, 75kWh, 0-60mph in 4.4 seconds, premium interior, Performance: AWD, 310 miles, 75kWh, 0-60mph in 3.2 seconds, premium interior. Autopilot is included and full self-driving comes as a £5,800 upgrade.

The choice which is purely based on performance is up to you and up to your financial standards and limitations. It must be said that the Model S makes more sense if you are continuously hauling around a lot of people or plenty of luggage, as the Model 3 is a smaller-sized sedan with 15 cubic ft of trunk space in comparison to 30ft of trunk space. Don't forget to check out our listings maybe there will be a cybertruck by the time you read this. Let us know what you decide!